Keyshia Cole Readies New Single ‘Best Friend’


New Music: ‘Best Friend’ by Keyshia Cole

After an almost two year hiatus, singer Keyshia Cole is finally ready to release new music. Via her official Instagram page, Keyshia informed fans she’d be releasing her next single, Best Friend, independently and any day now.

“Decided to release first single independent #BestFriend,” Keyshia wrote. “Coming soon. This is a very special song for me and I really hope you guys fall in love with the record as much as I have.”

Best Friend is produced by Antwan ‘Amadeus’ Thompson, who previously worked with Keyshia on her singles Heat of Passion, Where Would We and Next Time (Won’t Give My Heart Away).

Keyshia’s seventh solo album, rumored to be titled It is What it Is, is due out later this year. She’d previously said she would release it independently, before backtracking and saying she’d signed to her former manager’s label.

Whatever the case, Keyshia says she has new management and that she’s looking to take her career to new heights. Here’s hoping she succeeds because R&B radio is in dire need of more female voices.


  1. I’m looking forward for this new album and I’m so excited for Keyshia because she’s really one of the talented and real r&b artists of her time!

  2. She’s been announcing new singles for the past year. I’ll believe it when I hear it. She hasn’t made anything I’ve liked since Love. She lost all her originality after her second album. Please not another single with a recycled Tupac beat. Come correct or don’t come at all.

  3. Independent may be the route. If you’ve got a built-in/already established fanbase, keep producing work, play to your strengths and keep it moving.

    Maybe Keyshia knows something we don’t know.

    Good luck to her and to all R&B chanteuses.

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