Keyshia Cole Confirms Marital Rift


Keyshia Cole Confirms Split with Husband

During a visit to Power 105.1’s New York Breakfast Club, singer Keyshia Cole confirmed what many of us have suspected for some time now: That she and her husband of almost three years, basketball player Daniel ‘Boobie’ Gibson, are indeed living apart and possibly headed for a divorce.

When pressed for details, Keysia said for the sake of her son she would prefer not to get too specific, revealing only that she wants “the situation to play itself out” and that protecting her son is her main focus.

Keyshia also spoke about her personal life as a whole, saying she is estranged from her mother and sister and that they do not have her phone number. Once again citing her son, Cole says she wants to protect him from the “drama” that surrounds her relatives.

To entire video can be seen below.

Other topics included Beyonce, of course. What would an interview with an R&B chick be without a reference to her holiness?

Keyshia’s comments about Michelle Williams were also brought up. As were Charlamagne’s comments about Keyshia in the past, including his calling her a “bitch” and branding her “Donkey of the Day.”


  1. This chick aint no cakewalk!! If she treated him the way she did on that BET show..he should have walked a long long time ago!

  2. If you cant be friends with MONICA (SINGER) one of the sweetest people in the world! Something is really wrong with you! I love some of Keyshia music but I think that counseling would be great for her.

  3. @MYSHEL

    I heard Keyshia was very mouthy with Daniel on their show, but I never actually watched it and saw for myself. I tend to believe it though because she is vicious to him on Twitter and Instagram. She has called him everything but a child of God. Again, she needs media training and to learn to keep her business off the internet. If she really cared for her son she would know some day he will read with his own two eyes what she really thought of his father via her own words. She needs to grow up.

    Sad to hear the marriage is really in trouble. I had hoped for the best.

  4. Sista…I concur! I am empathetic to the demise of their marriage. However, I am praying for this sista. She can use a mentor.

  5. I like Keyshia, but I agree she needs some counseling. It has got to be hard growing up without your bio mother and father. She said she feels alone I know that feeling especially when you are the most successful person in your family. Its hard for them to relate to your problems when they have very serious ones themselves. I am surprise to hear she is distant from Neffie too. I think she may need to rethink that one. Her sister had problems but I still saw a great older sister in her. Keyshia need family that’s gonna get her together and have her back at the same time. She is f@cking up and pushing everyone away

  6. She aint perfect but Booby was to friendly with the skrippers…they were even attacking her on Twitter…Not Cool So its both of them.

  7. I love how opinions of her are based on what you’ve heard and not what you know…her and Monica are still friends…I watched the show and he came off as insecure, she wasn’t mouthy to her husband…folks don’t like Keyisha and want to blame her and again base things on what they think and not what they know…even I know their reality show is just a snippet of their lives…good luck to them

  8. Much love to Keyshia Cole, I felt she handled herself well in that interview. It must be difficult for anyone to have to apologise for speaking their truth every time they are interviewed. The BK references were way too much. BK is treated like scripture to some. I have no idea where that comes from… I have all of KC`s albums, as they are always solid.. Although, I am not too sure about the lyrical content and quality of her new songs.

    I did watch her reality show on BET and thought she was extra salty to her husband. However, I said at the time that maybe something was done off camera as for the reason for her behaviour.. On the radio show she more than confirmed that her husband cheated on her before and during their marriage. A damn shame.

    I hope KC classes up her next album, and doesn’t go gutter.. She made a good move with her shoe collection. Congrats

  9. The interview was very good Keyshia Cole is amazing and I wish her all the best.

  10. Hope everything come your way. with your family.If it don’t work leave it along.

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