Keyshia Cole Covers Upscale Magazine


Singer Keyshia Cole is looking super chic as she graces the latest cover of Upscale magazine.

The 33-year old R&B singer is in the midst of what she recently told HuffingtonPost was a career make-over.

We’re not sure whether Keyshia means musically or personally, as both aspects of her life seem to be a bit out of sorts these days.

Despite working with top-notch writers and producers, her “Point of No Return” album has languished on the charts since its release almost a month ago, selling 26,000 copies in its first week and less than 10,000 the next.

Likewise, Keyshia continues to personally take a beating in the press, having recently run afoul of the law after reportedly assaulting a woman she thought was messing around with her supposed new love, rapper Birdman.

Keyshia’s personal antics were called into question once again last week when she posted a steamy video of herself on Instagram dry humping a piano.

Never one to hold her tongue, Keyshia used the same venue to say she is “a work in progress” and that she “regrets nothing.”

On the more positive side, Keyshia will be hitting the road next year with fellow soul singer K. Michelle and is expected to launch her new BET reality show early next year as well.

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  1. If nothing else Keyshia is a beautiful girl. Too bad she is having a hard time, I hope she bounces back!


    I agree, Keyshia is pretty. She needs an image makeover though. She has sullied her image over time and hurts herself on social media. She is one of those people hhat shouldn’t be as open as she is and oftentimes it is vulgar or low classed.

    She needs to back off of Instagram in particular and hire an image consultant.

  3. Keyshia looks good and I hope she can find healing in whatever it is she’s coping with.
    @Sista- I’m curious, why do you think the lashing/cursing ppl out, bad girl image etc. works so well for Rihanna then? Because people seem to love her (consecutively) rude attitude on social media, I used to see it praised all the time.

  4. It’s kinda sad, but it seems like the R/B genre isn’t able to recover, but somehow when white artists have that r/b flava, somehow they do well. NOt saying this to bash white artists at all, just an observation…

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