Keyshia Cole Covers Vibe’s Style Edition

Keyshia Cole Covers The March 2009 Edition Of Vibe Magazine R n’ B diva Keyshia Cole is once again gracing the cover of Vibe Magazine. The singer will cover the March 2009 edition of the magazine, which is also there first ever Style issue. Considering Keyshia’s transformation over the last year, I would say she makes the perfect choice for cover girl. The singer closed out 2008 with a new album and new look. Keyshia lost the blonde locks, had her teeth fixed and according some, even got herself a brand new nose. Since showing up at the 2009 Trumpet Awards last week, the blogsphere has been abuzz with rumors that the singer had her nose done. Keyshia hasn’t responded to the rumors yet and clearly the cover was shot before any surgery.

Still, new nose or not, Keyshia looked fabulous at the Trumpet Awards and on the cover of Vibe.


  1. Keisha look really good. I do not mean to say this but her mother is ghetto a@@ hell. I love her sister she do not back down from nobody.

  2. She looks nice. i hope she didn’t get a nose job, but if so it wouldn’t surprise me. i love the way they did the cover though

  3. Not feeling it, sorry that expression on her face with the open mouth is not cute…jmo though

  4. work keylolo but I do prefer Keyshia’s mouth to be closedit would much prettier but it’s a cool idea for her front cover.

  5. Not feeling it…she is so not photo genic..she should have CLOSED her mouth in that shot.

  6. New nose or not,Keyshia’s been looking good lately. I noticed the new teeth a while back, that was a great investment. Plastic surgery is fine, as long as you don’t overdo it a la Lil’ Kim.

  7. I love Keyshia!!!! So what if she got a nose job she still looks good so F@#% the hataz lmao!!!!! She doing the damn thing and I’m very proud of her. She did a awesome job on her album A Different Me I love it!!!!! Keep doing the damn thing KC!!!!!!!

  8. It’ s her money and her body , I have no saying in this, If she is woman enough to admit she had surgery, Kudos to her, if not, she will just join the rank of celebrity whom stans swear they are natural when changes are obvious, Beautiful Cover

  9. I think the cover is pretty. I like the retro vibe to it, but on another note, not only doe’s it look like K.C. got a nose job, the girl definately has LIP INJECTIONS. Oh, and I know you all will think it’s hate, but Rih Rih should’ve been on the style cover, the girl went through the entire 08′ without one fashion mistake, can’t say the same about Ms. Cole.

  10. She looks hot on the cover, I hope she never puts in the blonde stuff ever again

  11. Dreadful….she looks like something outta the zoo in that pix! Dont get me wrong she’s a pretty chic but that pix looks a mess.

  12. I luv Keyshias` new look and the cover is great. She`s undergone a wonderful transformation for sure.

    MJ & The Golden 80s 4ever!!!

  13. Is she the only one in the industry that had surgery? for real compare old and new pics of beyonce rihanna ciara ashanti you’ ll see just because it’ s unspoken don’ t mean it didn’ t happen wake up and smell the coffee n leave the chick alone

  14. people just got to hate. keyshia is the bomb and she’s a sista doin her thing. her cover is the bomb and she makin bread…. go keysh.

  15. People, people, people! To sit here and scrutinize a celebrity for anything but the talent that made them famous REEKS of Middle School Immaturity! (Please disregard if all previous Posts are submitted by teenagers far younger than my 28, though I sadly doubt it). I only even bother reading these articles to stay current; and “foolishly[?]” expect to see encouraging, uplifting, positive feedback from like-minded individuals proud of Our People gaining acclaim. Am I the only one reading this latest on my homie Keysh, and think “Gee, sure am glad she perservered to follow her dreams after a challenging childhood with an estranged mother?” or maybe even “Knowing how many sistahs never rise out of the despair of romantic/intimate betrayal, she sure inspires ME to stick to MY dreams even though I’m going through enough Relationship Stuff to make me wanna just join the nunnery in Switzerland”???? Oh yeah—We as a Whole aren’t ready to build each other up—-too busy being jealous & pointing out trivial and surface details on someone we MUST inadvertantly admire to pay such close attention to. Too busy trying to discredit the genuine talent that PUTS them on the covers of magazines we read. Too busy looking for something to nit-pick over…rather than to acknowledge the hard work and sacrifices it took to END UP hosting awards shows. Poor us. No wonder ‘celebrities’ don’t hang with too many ‘everyday folk. Too damn jealous! Money can’t buy COMRADERIE, now—-can it!? CHECK YOURSELVES and rise above the Bull.

  16. We are judging the cover not the person in general,her eyes are to drowzy,she looks stylish these days and i love her style and the dark her hope mary j will take notes from her but i’m gonna take my time to buy her new album because all her songs sound the same….i wont judge here nose because i want reconstruct mine as well but i’m scared,the thought of being like micheal jackson realy scares me,i want my nose to look like j-hud it is natural and needs to keep it that way.

  17. I personally think that money really changes ppl.. Originally she came out stating that she was a real artist, and that she wasn’t made up like most ppl in Hollywood but all of a sudden her teeth are different, then her nose slims down..!!! WTFK!!! What happened to being real?? All a bunch of bullshit.. All it she did was when America over with her sob story and made young African American women feel as if we actually had someone to relate too.. But she’s just like the rest of them.. Her sister is more intresting than her now… Money was her goal… And despite anything I say.. Ppl still will support her and any other body part that she changes or get rid of..

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