Keyshia Cole Debuts New Single

Keyshia Cole just premiered her new single “I Ain’t Thru” via Twitter. The track features rapper Nicki Minaj and will officially be sent to radio October 18th. Keyshia has been dropping lil hints about the track for a few days now- posting lyrics and even talking about the possible video treatment. Die hard KC and Nicki fans will probably love the track, but I gotta be honest and say it was not my flavor. The single isn’t so much a song to me as it is Keyshia’s personal response to those whom she believes are her detractors. I have to admit that the vulgarity turns me off as well. Keyshia drops a few four letter bombs herself during the track and things only get worse when Nicki comes on the scene. You guys can give it a listen for yourselves below.

So what do you all think- does Keyshia and Miss Minaj have another hit on their hands?

If the Twit Video won’t play or is still formatting- click here to listen to the song on ZShare


  1. I feel like EVERY has a “hater” song now LOL I dont really care for the song, but it might grow on me!

  2. Ummmm, she’s a mother now. Nothing else should matter. Especially no damn haters. She’s living her life as a mother and wife and just lost some points due to this track. And why is Nicki talking about duck, duck, goose? LOL, really though? SMH.

  3. Utterly Ridiculous!! Nikki Minja is a horrific rapper…I do not know why she is getting all this praise.

  4. I don’t care for the song.I agree with Tai maybe it will grow on me. I also think Nicki Minaj can rap but she is giving us what sells records. The industry doesn’t want strong female rappers they want “Barbie’s” and sex so I’m not hating get your money ma!

  5. well with all that “media hype” sayin’ nicki and keyshia wuz beefin’ Is all a LIE .. but I felt like I heard this before…but everybody has haters right “RIIIIGHT”

  6. Nicki is a great artist and she is the only reason I listened to the song. I have never been a fan of Keyshia’s.

  7. Please come harder Keyshia Cole, because having Nicki on this track can’t even save it.

  8. I have expected the song would be hotter than this , but still OK with me.

    Anyway, seemed like Nicki can release a compilation of tracks she featured with countless artists!


  10. I feel like this isn’t a song for us but rather a song for her to address whatever issues she has with her critics. I don’t think she made this song with the public at large and that is a mistake. I expected more from Keyshia. Hopefully her second single will be a real single.

  11. I’m so glad there are other artists (Mary J, Jill, Fanstasia) out there keeping music alive cause this is a hot a** mess right here.

  12. I love KC….but Im not so sure about this! What happened to R & B songs about Love? All the songs are about haters & how the next woman aint nothin!!! I hope she come harder w the next single! Still love you tho KC!!

  13. Not really a fan of K.Cole. To make matters worse I can’t stand to hear Nicki Minaj CARTOON A** all over the song. Nicki’s not hott, and K.Cole sings above her range.

  14. LOVE KC …do you thing….the love ballots will follow…..just a little word for all the hatzers out there…..I think it a cute way to reintroduce hereself since she took a little time off. Not a hudge Nikki fan as well but always been a KC fan since day 1….I can’t wait love the song!

  15. LOVE KC …do your thing….the love ballots will follow…..just a little word for all the hatzers out there…..I think its a cute way to re-introduce hereself since she took a little time off to have her baby boy and enjoy the fruits of her labor. Not a hudge Nikki fan as well but always been a KC fan since day 1….I can’t wait love the song!

  16. I hate this song. Tried of Nikki!! This chick is over rated. KC just stay making kids.

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