Keyshia Cole’s Hot 100 Debut

Keyshia Cole Debuts on the Hot 100

Keyshia Cole’s slow burner single “Enough of No Love” has officially made its Hot 100 debut, clocking in at a respectable #94.

The song fares even better on the Hip-Hop/R&B charts, coming in at #13, its peak since its debut five weeks ago.

Strong promo and a well-received video are no doubt helping the single, which until recently had been languishing on the charts.

And in another bit of KC news, Keyshia recently announced a joint venture between herself and shoe aficionado Steve Madden.

Known for his fabulous, yet affordable designs, Madden was a smart choice for Keyshia, who more than likely will be aiming for her collection at her audience, many of whom probably cannot afford a $2,000 pair of shoes.


  1. I’ll believe the shoe line when I see it. Lots of people claim to be releasing fashion, shoe and make-up lines that never materialize.

  2. It’s a great song!! The video is nice!! I wish she would have stay with Rapper Amina…all that cussing calling women bitches and whores not nice!!

  3. I wish she would hire a new stylist. This white hair is not the move. Keyshia is at the point in her career where she should be upping her game every time she comes out. Instead she just regurgitates the same old songs and the same old tired looks.

  4. The song grew on me and although the video is OK it is a lot better than her usual stuff. That stupid tattoo on her arm takes away from her look when she is trying to come off classy.

    But I’m still rooting for her and hope that this album has more good songs on it. We will just have to wait.

  5. As Joan Rivers would say “please Keyshia get rid of the stupid white hair.”

  6. We are going to die trying to get those $2,000 dollar shoes.

  7. I don’t think Steve Madden even make’s a $2,000 shoe. Keyshia would be wise not to go over the $200 mark.

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