Keyshia Cole Exposed

R n’ B singer Keyshia Cole was called to perform on Easter Sunday morning of at the City of Refuge Church in Gardena, California and completely bombed in a performance complete with a wardrobe malfunction, according to spywitnesses. After being informed that she was present, the Pastor, Bishop Noel Jones, invited Keyshia to perform. The Bishop mistakenly introducing her with the wrong first name. Plus she had a “wardrobe malfunction.”K.C wore a short dress with thin straps. When a female member of the church attempted to cover her with a shawl, the back of her dress was accidentally lifted. According to witnesses in the choir stand, Cole’s backside was exposed. The woman assisting Cole managed to cover her rear just before she stepped out to sing.

She reintroduced herself as a recording artist and asked everyone to pray that she keeps the faith to sing the right messages to the yourg women she reaches with her music.

She screeched through “His Eye Is on the Sparrow” which only got worse as she went along.

Take your time,” one random voice from the packed to the brim sanctuary in Gardena, CA chimed. “You can do it Keyshia!” called another.

Witnesses claim Keyshia was out of key with shaky vocals during the impromptu performance. She even stopped to clear her throat and apologized to the audience. Church musicians had a hard time keeping up with Keyshia as she bounced around from key to key.

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  1. I love Keyshia and feel for her. She is a very raw artist who is still maturinf into her own. She’ll be okay. We love you Keisha. Keey ya head up girl.

  2. who cares about keyshia cole anyway????

    give us beyonce, ciara, janet………thanks.

  3. We care about Keyshia and though I like some of the above ladies too, I have had my fill of Beyonce for sure and even Ciara seems a tad bit dull right now.I hope to see Janet soon but I doubt it.It’s good to see other sisters getting some shine even if it isn’t always positive.

  4. Keyshia is truly the modern day Mary J Blige.Mary used to have the same weirdo performances and people would make a big broo ha ha about it. I feel for her cause you know folks gonna have a field day with this but hopefully it will make her stronger.

  5. Well after reading the full article (thank you Brown Sista for providing the source) it seems to me that she was ‘put on front street’ for declining to perform a few weeks before Easter. If she was nervous or didn’t perform as she does on stage, she shouldn’t be faulted as she was called out and asked to sing on the spot. Maybe she is the type of artist that requires a moment to collect herself before singing.

    Regarding the ‘wardrobe malfunction’ (thank you Janet Jackson for making that term popular) I have a bone to pick with Keyshia for wearing a short dress with thin straps to Easter Sunday service. Short dresses with thin straps may be fine elsewhere, but seldom in a church.

    As far as leaving service early, she should stayed and put her embarrassment on hold. She went to church to worship, not sing or perform for anyone. All in all, she has a good voice and I applaud the sista for doing her own thing. I wish her well.

  6. Ah, give the girl a break. She was obviously embarrassed and nervous. She’ll come around, and she does has a fabulous voice.

  7. Thr girl could never sing! A real singer can be out on the spot and kill a song! She just showed everyone what studio work does to your voice! She sounds like that when she does live stuff all the time! Kiesha find you another career! And go to church sometimes! Touch Her right now Lord~ Amen~

    And another thing she missin love ay shes missin a few notes too! LOL! Touch her right now Lord~

    And another thing she should cheated she shouldve practiced~ Touch Her right Now Lord!

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