Keyshia Cole First Week Album Sales

Keyshia Cole Country crooner Taylor Swift is holding tightly onto the #1 spot on Billboard’s album chart- but according to Hits Daily Double, the singer might have a fight on her hands for the top spot on next week’s chart. As many of you know, our girl Keyshia released her “A Different Me CD” yesterday and early estimates say it looks to sell anywhere between 275,000 and 300,000 copies. Though my memory is a bit fuzzy, I believe Keyshia’s last album sold about 330,000 copies in the first week. Still, with Christmas right around the corner, Keyshia may get that holliday pic me up that is benefitting this year’s teen queen- Taylor Swift.

In the meantime, you can look for Keyshia to keep supporting her album the old fashion way- by touring. The singer has already started her “I Am Music Tour” and performed last night at the Hiro Ballroom in New York City. Pics of her performance are below.


    Keisha really has turned her image around and made it work for her, she is getting really sexy. I watched her show the other night and she seemed genuinely happy about her album. I will be purchasing.

  2. Why should we care how many cds a singer sells? All I need is one copy. I buy what I like whether it sells one copy or 1 million copy. πŸ™„

  3. :hifive: I hope she does well, chick has come along way, but she is definitely getting better. :thumbsup:

  4. Ms Keyshia You Are A Beautiful Lady. I Will Be In The House Tomorrow @ Toyota Center Hope You Surprise Houston With Your Girl Monica, Trust Is On Fiyah!!!!!! Also Will Be Picking Up 5 Copies Team Ciara , Team Keyshia Cole

  5. Im surprised she’s selling that much. That first single was not the business.. Real talk. I still love Keyshia Cole.. Keep doing u boo. Looking like a pin up doll. Lol =}

  6. I love Keyshia’s last CD. I can play it all day. So im picking this one up.

  7. the first single was a bad choice but I do believe it soold so much because peoople kno that her last cd was so good and they know she will come through again this time…good job girl

  8. okay, can you say mini-rihanna. since when does keyshia wear stuff like that?? anyway, those numbers are suprisingly good for and album with a mediocre single that has barely hit the charts. well good for you ms. cole

  9. her body is not made for those type of clothes her legs are too bony and she has no butt she cannot sing to me i dont see whats all the hype her voice stinks especially live

  10. This album was ight…her FIRST album was the best to date and the last one was better then this one…outta 16 tracks I can say I like 7 songs. Better luck next time Keyshia.

  11. Love the CD, Keyshia did it again… Haters, continue to do what you do best… Hate!!!!!

  12. She has a lil booty to be as skinny as she is. She is more buxom than bootylicious. πŸ˜† :bag: Ok, that was wrong. Anyway, I will be getting the CD. Her performances can be ugly but this chick makes good music. And I expect the same this go around.

  13. Haven’t heard the CD yet, can’t wait to hear it.

    What’s with the I Am statements. It seems like everyone is doing that.

  14. Her first album sold 281,000 copies in the first week, F.Y. I., and i said that on one of your previous posts. Also, i did predict her album sales fairly accurately, give or take 50, 000. This album is much poppier, and i do think sales will take a sharp dip after the first week because the 1st single is Soo Bad, and her first week sales could be do to christmas and residuals from her last CD. BUT, the second single, YOU Complete me, is very good with a broader audience than Let It Go, or any of the ballads from the last CD. so, ASSUMING she has someone else other than just herself in the video, she MIGHT get her first multiplatinum CD (the first two each sold 1.5 million going platinum which is amazing). And, if she does receive the holiday upswing that most artists do around this year, i wouldn’t be too surprised if she bested Taylor Swift and got her first number 1 album this year too (i’m just saying(.

  15. To the above poster, you are wrong.

    Keyshia’s SECOND album sold 281K it’s first week. Her first album sold under 80K.

    Since you’re “Somebody Who Actually Knows Music” … you should probably know that. Lets not be so pompous next time, hmmm? πŸ˜†

  16. All of yal hataz need to stop. Keyshia is the truth and what alot of you don’t realize is that she writes and helps to produce her own music. Shes been through alot and despite all of that she comes out with good music. Who cares how many albums she sells..that isn’t going to prove anything because regardless she’s one of the best!

  17. I agree with you. Especially her first cd. that cd was one of the best. I did get her cd and will continue to!

  18. Okay, Keyshia’s people decided she needed a gimmick and it was 40’s vixen? It’s weird and not at all attractive… It looks like she wanted to get dressed up like Rihanna but knew without a “theme” (the 40s thing) people would immediately call her on it. I don’t like that everybody feels the need to undress to sell stuff…as a woman, I don’t. And I’m sooooo shocked Keyshia’s selling that many records!! ????!!!!!!

  19. Go Keyshia! I could not wait to make it to the store on Tuesday to pick this up. Keep your head up girl. You are doing your thing. May God continue to bless you.

  20. I think she looks beautiful in the first pic. well good luck to keyshia!

  21. i love keyshia but she dsnt need all this gimmick,her legs are to skinny,straight and she has knocked knees,let rhihanna carry this look,she is soulful and talented she doesnt need all of this…..i love her hair though xcept when it blonde

  22. keyshia cole is beautiful and so is her music. I love her and this cds just exemplifies how good of an artist she is. Keep doing you and forget what the hatters are saying. Regardless of what she does or what look she is going for, people are always gonna have something negative to say. Keep doing You girl, cause you are talented and can really sing, expecially compared to what is out there! Beyonces vocals dont have nothing on keyshia cole!

  23. first off i wanna say i just wanna thank keyshia for everything she shared with us because she helped a lot of young ppl out there through her situation with foster care and the whole 9 personally i love keyshia from the bottom of my heart so of course im gonna support her in every little thing she does from music to the change in hair everything thats my role model…….
    so keyshia music has taken a big step in the industry she came a long way from her struggles and its noticeable she is more sexy and mature about things now but i love all the music she makes wen u like a person so much u dont turn anything down but the new album is fire come on yall cant even lie like i love all the songs on there shes not hurting anymore thank god but yea i love this album u got all my love and support baby girl

  24. I see everyone into the short shorts looks..ANything to sell a record..SHid!!!!!!!LOl…Go KeyCo…Ima gett the album. :hifive:

  25. LMAO @ yall. Stop with the hater comments.

    Keyshias first single from this album is not hot at all. It is also old, it made no sense to use it.
    The other songs are better than that one.
    Keyshias first CD was The Best
    The second one was good
    In all honesty, this is just okay. I liked all of the songs on the first one, most of the songs on the second one, and I only like some of the songs on this one.

    By the way, I’m no stan of hers, and I’m also no hater, that’s just the honest truth.

  26. And on that a$$, Keyshia ain’t got much of a booty, but that’s fine, she has a pretty face, and a big chest, usually women big at the top are smaller on the bottom. All in all she has a nice shape and that outfit doesn’t look bad on her, it looks good, but it looks like she’s copying the hell outta Rihanna, personally I don’t like it.

    Keyshia keep the new hair, body, and sex appeal, but lose Rihannas style.

  27. @ flame.
    I’m not convinced that she sucks all the way around, but I’m very surprised that she sold so many cds the first week.
    She put out a week a$$ first single, and the only promotion with this album was the BET show.
    And the cd as a whole is not that hot, I only like 5 songs on it.

  28. u know wat y even waste ur time to come on here and say negitive shit like that if u dont like her ok thats fine and dandy keep it to urself damn

  29. I know you are not referring to my comments.
    I’m not being negative, I’m being honest. I don’t kiss celebrity asses, if they do something that isn’t so great, I’ll say so, if they do something great, I’ll say so as well.
    Keyshia first single from this cd is a old song from her last cd, it shouldn’t be on the new cd period, because it’s a different her. And the song is weak like I said, it’s not negativity, it’s fact, I think the charts will agree with me.

  30. :bowdown: keyshia cole is the best r&b singer out right now beyonce cant fuck wit her period her album is hot i love all of them so many people are buying the first album also now that most stores are sold out of them! Go keyshia!!!!!

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