Keyshia Cole Gives Back To Needy Families

The holiday season is here and although most people enjoy recieving gifts as your mother would tell you “that is not the reason for the season”. The holiday season is not all about recieving (although I must admit it’s great to get gifts) but most importantly about giving to those in need. We as fans would give criticism on celebrities relationships and personal lives rather than give recognition to the many celebrities who give back to impoverished families in their communities. I’m going to post just a few of the many celebrities that deserve acknowledgement for taking time away from the “fabulous life” to recognize families and children in need:) Despite your opinions on R & B artist Keyshia Cole’s family life or personal issues she, her adoptive mother, along with her baby bump visited her hometown of Oakland on Christmas to support families and children for a charity event. I personally commend Keyshia for supporting such a great cause!!!!!


  1. much respect to those who give back even If you are not a celebrity their are still people that do provide and give back to their community….and kesh them micro-mini braids look xtra tight on yo head gurl lol u lookin’ chinky but anyways heard she was due In march 2010 congrats!

  2. She Still Looks Very Pretty Pregnant….DAMN SHE IS BIG But FINE AS HELL

  3. great for keyshia to give back and dam I thought you could only be pregnant for about 9 months keyshia looks about a 11 1/2 lol.

  4. ^^^LOLOL She’s huge isn’t she? Or maybe its that tulle and the cinched waist of the jean jacket. LOL. I wish her well.

  5. I wonder if the rumors are true about Keisha not sending her own nieces and nephews Christmas presents in spite of her sister???……..

  6. im very proud of Keyshia! She is so pretty being pregnant!!!!!!! lol..she does look oveer 9 months tho!!! :}

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