Keyshia Cole Gives More Details on Reality Show

Singer Keyshia Cole recently spoke to Billboard about her new reality series “Family First” and her forthcoming album, the making of which will be chronicled on the show.

The series will center on Keyshia’s writing and recording process, following the disappointing performance of her last album “Calling All Hearts.”

The new record, as well as the show, will be closely overseen by Keyshia’s new manager Kevin Liles, best known for his ‘image enhancing’ work with singer Mary J. Blige and rapper Jay-Z.

Keyshia also discloses news on her second wedding ceremony, which will also be aired on the show. According to Keyshia, it will be a completely different wedding and one that will indeed feature her once estranged mother, Frankie Lons.

Updating the status of her relation with her biological mother, Keyshia recently told her Twitter followers she was “proud” of her mother and that she [Frankie] was finally getting her life back together.

As for when the show will eventually air, Keyshia says she is 100% shooting it on her own and will eventually shop it around to various networks, in hopes that one of them will pick it up.


  1. This is a fresh start again for her, my hope and prayers will be that her reality show be a big success!

  2. We knew this already. Keyshia just keeps saying the same things over and over again in each interview.

    Her first album was good but every subsequent album has been a mess. Each had one or two passable singles and the rest were fillers.

    Keyshia fell off and lost the hunger. Her music lacks any originality and she no longer pushes herself and tries to become better.

    I hold out very little hope her new music will be any better. I am happy she has reconciled with her mother and that they are doing well as a family.

  3. God forgive me!! I despise people who uses their dysfunctional family for self gain!1 Its atrocious! I pray that her intentions are good. Her best selling album was when her family was on BET and as soon as she made a killing she kicked their asses to the curb! That is why its called Karma!! Anything you to do to use people or manipulate people for self gain their is no long term prosperity. Once again I pray that her intentions are good.

  4. She has lost her hunger. She was hungry at first. She needs to get that back.I don’t want her to show her family-even though they were my favs. She needs to do this on her own because she had severed tied with them.

  5. I loved all of her albums except A Different Me..I hated that one. I wish her much success with the new album.

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