Keyshia Cole Heads Out on Tour


Good news for Keyshia Cole fans… and lawd knows y’all could use some.

According to a press release sent out by the singer’s label, Keyshia is about to hit the road for a small theatre tour.

The ‘Woman to Woman Tour’ will kick off on March 28th, and will so far make stops in seventeen cities, including Chrysler Hall in Norfolk, Virginia, the Beacon Theatre in New York City and Club Nokia in Los Angeles, California.

Extra dates are also expected to be added.

If you guys have been keeping up with the soap opera that is Keyshia’s online social presence, then you know the singer has made quite a few missteps over the last few weeks.

The first was publicly lambasting singer Michelle Williams after her Super Bowl Halftime performance alongside Kelly Rowland and Beyonce. The second was foolishly starting a fake Twitter beef with her husband. The two sent obviously misleading tweets to drum up rumors that their marriage was on the rocks and then played all shocked when the gossip blogs reported on it.

Keyshia responded the only way she knew how… with lots of curse words and photos of she and hubby looking happy as ever.

February has been a tough month for Keyshia. Hopefully March will bring better things the singer’s way… like a publicist… or at least someone to snatch her phone.


  1. Keshia needs for Janet Jackson to snatch her phone way. 😆 Chris Brown has nothing on her. She clearly has no team to check her or reign in her behavior.

  2. She’s tacky! Like Jay-z said you can go to school but you can’t buy class!

  3. her venues are all in the hood, sorry i have no real point. when she was in the philly area near me, the best venue she could get was a new casino in chester, which is PA’s version of Camden…

    i wouldnt go there after dark

  4. Sorry but she still doing venues? Haha Michelle is doing Broadyway/Super Bowl and won Grammy’s. Who’s going to the small venues concert?

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