Keyshia Cole Hosts Listening Party

Singer Keyshia Cole held a private listening party for her upcoming album “Woman to Woman,” Wednesday night at the The James Hotel in New York City. The rooftop soirée was hosted by media maven Bev Smith and attended by a small list of industry insiders and fashion bloggers.

Keyshia’s look, which was styled by Joe Exclusive, consisted of black houndstooth shorts, paired with knee-high Versace boots and a striped jacket by Stella & Jamie.

Keyshia’s “Woman to Woman” album still has no official release date but is rumored to be set for release sometime in November. It’s first single, “Enough of No Love,” is a bonafide R&B hit according to Billboard. The single entered the #10 this week becoming Keyshia’s first in over three years.


  1. Keyshia is running out of gas because her music doesn’t pack that strong punch as before and her style is a rip off of MJB (the outfit she has on is simular to something MJB wore in the 90s). Ms. Cole, it’s time for a transformation Love…!!

  2. hood rat chic’ has always been her style…

    she had her moment, as long as mary is still breathing there just isnt enough room for her types of songs.

  3. I love the single and those boots. Boobie looks scared. Keyshias best album was her first one. In her exact words about her past album sales “i guess my fans hasnt grown with me so ima have to go back to that nuccas aint $hit music”

  4. @GIGI

    Keisha…sometimes it is just better to be quiet! But I do like her new look and song. I want to hear her collaboration with Ashanti. Their voices are so different so I’m curious to see how that song turns out.

    But other than that I want to see her do well.

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