Keyshia Cole Hosts Vanity Fair Party

Singer Keyshia Cole, Manny Halley and Ron Fair, all hosted the yearly Vanity Fair and Krug Dinner Party yesterday at Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood.

Newlyweds Fergie and Josh Duhamel attended the party along with Nicky and Paris Hilton, rapper Taboo, Akon and more.


  1. she has changed dnt even recognise her……..the makeover has boosted her confidence,but i always saw her as a beautiful woman……she looks good

  2. Them shoes r hott and the dress is sooooo cute. I love the new keisha coles. You can tell she turn over a new leaf. Go girl.

  3. Blogs are saying she got a nose job, I can’t tell…if she did, or it’s just a good makeup job. Nonetheless, she looks purty!

  4. I don’t’ think she’s pretty at all. No matter what she’s wearing she emanates rough and ghetto. Not cute. But I give her allot of credit for her accomplishments. She very talented.

  5. Keyshia looks cute. I don’t think she got a nose job. She lost weight and her face is more narrow now.

    Sidenote- Akon looks old as h#ll! He was claiming he didn’t know how old he was and that he was in his 20s. He looks at least 40 in this pic and I’m being generous.

  6. I love the way Keisha is going. She has a great new look and she is just getting more amazing each picture I see of her.

  7. i agree keyshia looks beautiful, but she also looks kinda skinny. i wish she would have had a little more curve to fill out the dress a lil more. none the less her make up is flawless and outfit is on point!

  8. She looks pretty! Not the Dress so much…I just wish she would get rid of that big GHETTO azz tattoo!

  9. Keyshia has been getting skinnier and I think that her looks slimmer so it makes he look different.

  10. Keyshia looks the whole ensemble minus all the tattoos. I wish more women would think twice about getting all of these visible tattoos, it just doesn’t look feminine in my opinion.

  11. Doesn’t she look like Jada Pinkette Smith?!?!?!?

    Looking good, but still hate that tacky ass tattoo on her arm……….ugh.

  12. She looks good but why do these black women really go holly wood I see the plastic surgery all in her face.

  13. ^^ some are just dumb and have low self-esteem.^^ For what reason, I shall never know.

  14. I looooove that dress, but it just doesnt fit her and her hair looks nice, but not for that look, but besides that she loooks like a new person!

  15. I used to think Keyshia was pretty. Now she looks VERY ugly. She looks rough in the face.

  16. Keysha looks great now…I like the new zKeyCO.I dont think she got a nose job..SHe just looks slimmer,because Fantasia lost weight and her face slimmed down a lot also. Pretty Lady 818 :iagree: :hifive: ..But overall she looks improved.That dress is cute too.

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