Keyshia Cole Shoots New Video + Album Release Date


Keyshia Cole Shooting ‘Incapable’ Video

Keyshia Cole’s three-year hiatus from the music industry is finally about to come to an end. Via the singer’s official Twitter account, she has announced October 10th as the release date for her upcoming seventh studio album 11:11 Reset.

During an interview with Billboard earlier this year, Keyshia said the album’s title is all about moving on. “It’s time to hit the reset button,” she told the magazine. I’m at a new label (Epic). I’m bringing an end to my divorce. I’m just at a really good place in my life and this album and these songs are going to reflect that.

Keyshia has so far released two songs from 11:11 Reset, including You and Incapable, the latter of which she has been shooting a video for over the last few weeks. Keyshia has shared a number of behind-the-scenes images from the shoot on her Instagram page, several of which you can check out above.

The video is expected to be released next Friday, September 29th.


  1. Those are not the songs of someone who is moving on and starting over. Both are wallowing in past pain and not very catchy or entertaining. Oh how I miss 90s r&b.

  2. @JBL

    I think Keyshia will bring it to this new record. She has to still cater to her audience that dig those records. I dig “Incapable” because people can relate to it. But I do want some upbeat and uplifting records too. I’m sure there’s going to be a balance with this new material. I want it to be cohesive. She has put out quality records and I have all of her stuff. My favorite material is “The Way It Is”, “Just Like You”, “A Different Me”, “Calling All Hearts”, and “Woman To Woman”. She has showed growth. “Point Of No Return” was okay but I think “11:11 Reset” is going to it. The direction she’s going this era seems legit. She does want to bring r&b in a way that is relevant and experimental. But overall I’m going to support her because she’s at the top of my list. I want r&b to bring the excitement again. There’s a variety of r&b artist that have it but because of the stupid politics they get overlooked or don’t get enough support. The mainstream has been garage and there’s no substance. Keyshia should definitely make this era to be exciting for her. I know she’s planning to go and tour and promote it as well. I’m definitely getting “11:11 Reset” when to releases.

  3. Incapable is a great song!!! Keyshia voice is amazing!!watch a few interviews her attitude has improved!! Self Reflecting and letting go of toxix relationships. Can open doors to unlimited opportunities!

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