Keyshia Cole Keeps it Simple


Keyshia Cole Declines to Share All on Love & Hip Hop

Fans hoping for a more drama involving Keyshia Cole’s storyline on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood are out of luck, at least according to a recent interview from the Love singer. After appearing on over five reality shows during her decade-long career, Keyshia says she learned a thing or two- like how to keep things simple.

After years of exposing her family’s personal issues to the public, Keyshia says she’s decided to tone things down for her latest foray into reality TV. “Experience has taught me to not share everything,” Keyshia recently told AOL News. “ I tried being open and honest with the public about my marriage with Daniel and it didn’t turn out so well. Same with family, so I’m skeptical about over sharing this time around.”

Reservations aside, Keyshia acknowledges VH1 didn’t pay her over a million dollars to not bring the drama. “Literally, I’ve shot episodes and they are trying to get me to bring somebody on the show to show a more personal side of me, but I don’t know. I’m really nervous about that and I haven’t come up with a solution yet.”

In the interim, Keyshia says what fans can expect more of is music. “I’ve been working really on my new album and I can’t wait to share that with fans. Music was all I ever wanted to do, and I’m trying to leave everything else behind and just get back to that.”

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  1. I support Keyshia Cole! She’s right about not going overboard what she’s going through. I didn’t want her to be on that show due to the messy people. She needs to connect with her fans and release the material. She always put out solid material. In my perspective being on that show wasn’t going to do much for her anyway. I saw the first two episodes and clearly she’s trying to avoid the drama. She’s in a direction where she want to connect with her fans and have the ability to take herself to evolve. The new material is what the fans want. I really love this woman because she tweeted me a few days ago she loves me for being a supportive fan. I just want her to release the material and I’m sure it will have quality. I will be tuning in every week to see her going in the direction of finalizing her new material. It’s just messed up how reality shows are the platforms for artist to promote their records. Seriously there was “TRL” and “106@Park”. Keyshia Cole has sustained a fanbase. However I’m ready for her new material.

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