Keyshia Cole: New Face Of Luster Hair Products

Tastemakers from across the country and Luster Products, Inc. employees celebrated last evening at the company’s much anticipated launch of one of its latest product line, the Pink Brand Smooth Touch line of hair care products. The evening was highlighted by an impromptu performance by Luster’s new celebrity endorser, Keyshia Cole, who personally unveiled Luster’s Pink Brand Smooth Touch Limited Edition relaxer kits featuring her image in front of a crowd of several hundred guests. Cole, a platinum-selling R&B recording artist and reality television star, has endeared herself to fans of all ages and resonates with the Pink Brand Smooth Touch target audience, women 16 to 24 years of age.

“When we were thinking about the image and benefits of Smooth Touch, Keyshia Cole was a perfect choice,” said Jory Luster, president of Luster Products. “It was important to us to work with someone who already had success and visibility, but also could relate to our target and be someone they would want to emulate. Keyshia is young, talented, beautiful and has an electric personality. She’s perfectly represents the woman who uses Smooth Touch products.” Luster’s Pink Brand Smooth Touch line of hair care products will arrive in stores this summer.



  1. What a great move for Keyshia!! She’s doing it big and is such an inspiration to young African American women. She came from nothing and worked her way to the top!! Congrats Keyshia!!

  2. I still see Kelly Rowlnad’s face on relaxer boxes on the4 beauty supply shop all the time. Are they promoting the same product or was Kelly let go and Keyshia picked up? I like Keyshia’s new hair though and think she is the perfect pitchwoman for the product.

  3. Not feeling it. Lusters contains too much of a water base, thus it really dries out the hair instead of moisturizes it. I haven’t tried their new line, but ask any professional hairstylist for the multitude textures of Black hair, and they will tell you, Lusters isn’t the way to go. Why not Mizani, Affirm, Design Essentials, etc… Lusters…no.

  4. Good for her! Although I’m a “Just for Me” girl and always will be. I only use their stuff and maybe some Pink Oil Sheen Spray, but no other products.

  5. I am not really feeling anything Keyshia does anymore since she went on tour with R.Perv. But I think I’m in the minority on feeling that way about her. Her career seems to be doing just fine without me as a fan. Lol

  6. It’s a good move. Seems she is thinking longevity. Let’s remember that Mary J was somewhat uncouth in her early days (long, profane rants in front of concert crowds) and has grown into a wonderful person.

  7. Water does not dry the hair out. Water only will add moisture and oil or grease only add sheen or clog pores. Oil cannot penetrate and add any moisture at all. Afterall moisture does have the word moist, as in wet, in it.

  8. FYI!! Kelly Rowland was the face of Carson Products, Dark N’ Lovely Relaxer System, not Luster Products who is the largest African American owned company. Please remember, that Luster manufacturers more than Pink Lotion, why not try their Renutrient Style Cream, with Avacado and Olive Oil?

    I think Keyshia Cole is a fantastic face for Luster’s Smooth Touch Relaxer. She is a positive role model who overcame a stormy past and knows that she has been blessed, and she shows this by bringing her family together.

  9. Good for Keyshia! I’ll still use Aveda (and other organics) though, lol.

    Jstbnme, of course she doesn’t uses the stuff, I don’t know a single person that does. Let that girl get that cheque!

  10. You CAN take the girl out the ghetto!!!! YAY!!!

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