Keyshia Cole New Song: Playa Cardz Right

Playa Cardz Right The second half of 2008 is really shaping up to be the year of the R n’ B diva. November and December will see the return of Ciara and Beyonce to the music scene and now Keyshia Cole has officially thrown her name into the mix, with the release of her new single, Playa Cardz Right. The new track will be featured on Keyshia’s upcoming album, A Different Me, which is set for a December 16th release. The single features late rapper Tupac Shakur and though I’m not initially liking this song- you guys might. Keyshia’s second singles always seem to do it for me. Click here to listen and decide for yourselves.

So what do you think- does Keyshia have another hit on her hands?


  1. Not good at all. I think she was rushed back into the studio. She is not switching it up at all like Ciara and Beyonce.

  2. It’s okay……

    I’m sure the youngins and her major fans will luv it cause it’s not terrible but… I know Keysh could bring some serious hits if she’d teamed up with the proper writers and producers and I don’t think this song is even close to being “that hit”.

  3. Actually….this song was featured on Tupac’s album in 2006, but never reached single status. So now they are releasing it as a debut single for her new album…..don’t think that’s a good move, imo, but who am I? :brownsista:


  5. Boring…. She need to switch it up. 🙄 Sound like the same ole voice/sound we hear all the time.

  6. It seems like this would have been a good song with out Tupac. I don’t think everything needs a rap song in it to be a good song. I would like to hear it without Tupac in it.

  7. I don’ t like it, And since i don’t buy music just because i like who makes it, If she doesn’t come stronger this one will not be for me
    Sorry keysh….

  8. hmm…seems to me that everyone is just throwing singles out there and running w/ them just to compete in the last quarter and so far I’m not impressed, I need someone to bring that FIRE and just change the game..I was hopefuly going to purchase B’s album but she gotta bring something a little more and Ciara..hmm..not feeling it at all although its a great video!!! But c’mon would somebody bring that HEAT and just shut the whole quarter down…unimpressed so far!!! Keyisha can do better than this!!!

  9. Nope, this one is not for me, sorry. Just not my cup of tea.

    MJ & The Golden 80s forever!!!

  10. @Rayna I feel you. I just bought I know girl I actually bought a cd and it was great. I bought Chante Moore’s new cd. It is so good. There is a lot of good music out here you just won’t find it on the radio nor within these blogs. You have to unfortunately research it. I just happened to be in the store with my sister and saw she had a new cd and I bought it and have played it almost everyday. Maybe they should just stop releasing music for the rest of the year.

  11. Um…this song is old….alot of bloggers have put this song up as new but I’ve heard it long ago. I hope Keyshia Releases it though! I love PAC

  12. Who ever posted this needs to know this is not new at all, This was on Tupac album in 2006

  13. I am aware the song is old but it is still Keyshia’s OFFICIAL first single from her upcoming album. This isn’t info I pulled out of a hat, this is information sent to me by her label and posted on her official website

  14. this song is ok, when it started i was like no! then as it went on it was ok, im sure it will grow on me though because i never like her songs when i first hear them..then the radio play them a million times and then i grow to love it 🙂

  15. This song can’t be from her new album because it was on the Pac’s Life Album. this is Playa Cardz Right (female version) there is a male version!!!

  16. It’s a nice song to have on her CD, but not as a lead single. Much less a debut single. It is always good to hear Tupac. I’ll wait to hear the whole CD.

  17. Pulling Tupac out of his grave ten years after his death is just pathetic. This is in no way an exciting song and her fans must be pissed. This is the season of the sista and everyone is trying to come back strong. Keyshia done messed up with this one and in my opinion she is coming back too soon. She needed to give people time to miss her. Keyshia ain’t so hot that the world wants a new album from her every year. She needs to go back to the drawing board and come again.

  18. The only Keylolo song I’ve ever liked was Heaven Sent. The rest of them are just mediocre. Much like this one.

  19. This isn’t new..I had this song for a minute..I like it though…Hope its not her single though.SHe can do better.

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