Keyshia Cole Pulls the Plug


Singer Keyshia Cole is not very happy with her record sales. Despite her ‘Woman to Woman’ album recently being certified Gold, Keyshia told fans via Twitter no further singles would be forthcoming because… and I quote: “Album not selling good enough.”


About an hour later Keyshia returned to Twitter to clean up her comment, telling fans “#2more singles coming.”


After Keyshia’s spontaneous moment of candor I decided to hit up Soundscan, where I discovered the ‘Woman to Woman’ album has actually sold just under 280,000 copies since it was released back on November 19th.

Now, 280k isn’t bad, but once upon a time Keyshia sold that amount in a week. Still, if Keyshia is smart she will take a page out of Kelly Rowland’s book and start bankrolling her own videos and promotion if need be.


  1. Wow! Just wow!!!! I think she actually has a very good CD too, but I think the state of music has changed sooo drastically!
    Especially in the RNB genre. Our RNB artists cant get promoted properly but even when they do, they still dont sell. I wish I had the answer!

  2. The sales game has changed. Consumers just won’t buy the way they used to. Keyshia should continue to “market her brand” with Steve Madden and other companies that are willing to pay for her creative outlets, much like Beyonce and her deal with Pepsi or Erykah with Hennessy. And Keyshia should tour. Tour, tour, tour. Money in sales ain’t what it used to be. Getting a number one album doesn’t equate to astronomical sales. I wish all of these songbirds continued success. You have your art, you are in a position to do (work) what you love and get paid nicely for it. Not many people have that; not many people, at all. And yeah, I’m speaking for myself.

  3. she is another celeb that doesnt need to be on twitter……….ever

  4. I need to be PR for these record companies but she should have followed up the first single with another banger…not that slow cut “trust and believe”. I think that was a waste of a release. “no more love” was HAWT! So you have to followup on the heels of the record before it slows down….thats where I Feel she went wrong. When she released “trust and believe” I was like “huh”. I know her slow cuts normally do well but not this go round

  5. Keyshia is a mess on Twitter, I gotta be honest. She is worse than Chris Brown. She spends most of her time dropping F bombs on her “haters” and little time doing much else.

    She should have never said her album wasn’t selling and only sang a different tune when ppl started clowning her about it.

    She needs social media training… and fast.

  6. The CD is great!! However, her attitude is atrocius!! Her sister wrote a book and she went as far as belittling Neffe Book cover saying that she bought the shoes and called her a bitch! How petty!! Don’t know what happen between her and Monica but meeting Monica in person genuinely sweet and love the LORD!! How can you not be friends with someone as sweet as she? Reading twitter she seems to be a person without and flaws are imperfections. When people can’t face the man in the mirror. They lose! God has bless Mrs. Cole-Gibson tremendously I pray that her attitude changes.

  7. I am not too surprised by the sales of her latest project. Like Ciara & Ashanti before her, I always felt that Keyshia’s time in the sun as aritst would one day pass. Granted Keyshia has quite a few singles that I love from her, “Heaven Sent” being my all time favorite, but I was never in a place to want to buy an entire album from her. She is a beautiful girl, but just doesn’t have that “it factor” about her that mainstream seems to like. I know that term has been beaten in the ground, but it’s the best way to describe it. That ‘It factor” is that thing that has kept Rhianna going for as long as she has. I Like Rhianna, but let’s be real vocally, even tho they have improved, there’s nothing to run home to mama about. Some kind of way she is able to capture people’s attention & continue to prosper from it, even when she is brash, rude, or comes off vulgar. Either way, I agree that she needs to take time to build on the endorsement deals or any other projects she has. It would be a very smart thing to do.

  8. She has a bad attitude and that’s why she is where she is at. That, and the fact that her sound and style have peaked and she is not breaking new ground. Seems like her game went off the rails when Manny left the picture …

  9. I think R&B music isn’t being promote well lately. And every r&b lover are buying off I-tune, instead of buying the CD and vinyl. Rock and country fans are stil buy CDs. Soundscan follow that. maybe we have to get back to buy CD and vinyls boost and support our arists. I think this what happening to arists like Keyshia, Monica, Tyress, Charlie Wilson and so on.

  10. I still buy cd’s probably the last of a dying breed but I will go to itunes and hear samples before I purchase it. I think people want subtance in music now. Now people say that RnB aint selling but someone had better tell that to Kem, Maxwell, Eryka, Jill, and a host of other who are selling.

  11. I think KC is a victim of the reality shows she did with her Family members. If she stayed focus just on the music she would still be in the spotlight and selling records. She allowed BET to exploit her and the family, and it hurt her image with many people. Many of you also have a great perspective when it comes to buying music on-line. For us old school folks, we ran to get an album just because the first single on the radio was jamming. Now, you have to chance to listen to an album before you decide to spend your money. For many R&B artists this process has become the “kiss-of-death” because it exposes their album and informs the customer only a certain percentage of the album is good. Lastly, another problem is these artists are not hitting all major cities when they go on tour to reach all markets. I’ve been deployed, so I could be wrong, but I think it has been a long time since KC has come to San Diego and performed. Anyway, all the best KC and stay your butt off twitter…..!!!

  12. The quality isnt their anymore, and her live performances are a mess. In all she is not the star many believe at first she was.

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