Keyshia Cole Performs At New Orleans Jazz Fest

Singer Keyshia Cole performed on day 2 (April 26) of the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival- and though rainfall cleared the crowd out by quite a bit, Keyshia still took the stage and looks like she put on quite a show.


  1. She may look like she puts on a good show but she does not. Keyshia is one of the worst live performers out there. As much as she tries to be, she is no Mary J. Blige.

  2. I like her black hair now. What I don’t like are those shots she always performs in. Amerie does that too and it just annoys me. She needs to get a costume designer to come up with spiffy things for her to wear on stage. She needs a shiny suit man like Diddy 😆

  3. I see she’s getting even more tatted up, that’s not cute key key!

  4. Young sistas don’t hear you BadGirl23. I see girls in high school already with a body full of tats. It is so not ladylike.


  5. Not to take away from keyshia’s shine but I agree with you sistas about the tattoos. Maybe I am just getting old, but I don’t think they are cool at all. Especially men or women that have the names of a former lover on their body. Call me jealous or insecure but I don’t want to see my man’s ex-girlfriend on his body. I tried to explain that to my co-worker but he just got mad. My cousin has three different guys that she has dated on her body;How is she going to find a man to marry her that is going to want to look at that?

  6. Ms Cole, she looks fly…. I’m feeling the black hair, and I love, love, love her voice, she can sing her heart out. I’m sure that performance was off the hook….

    But on the note of her tattoos I don’t mind them, i got 8 tattoos myself so, hey they look ok to me. I guess we will worry about them when we get older….. But for now there alrite.

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