Keyshia Cole Performs At Pepsi Smash Live

Keyshia Cole I’ll admit it, I was never really a Keyshia Cole fan but I think as of late I may be converting over to one. Her first album didn’t particularly touch me and I thought her attitude was abysmal. It wasn’t until after I saw a few episodes of her reality show on BET that I stopped turning my nose up at this sista and instead started trying to relate to her. Shortly after that I caught her performing her hit single, Love, on 106 & Park and every since then I have sorta been feeling her style. You have all heard the Mary J. comparisons by now but Keyshia only reminds me of Mary in the slightest of ways. They are both soul singers from rough backgrounds who have a strong attachment to overly bleached blond hair (lol), but other than those two things I see nothing else they really have in common… musically at least.

Mary, to me, is a better singer, but only because she sings with so much pain and emotion in her voice. Mary’s pain I believe came from years of emotional abuse at the hands of men, while I don’t think Keyshia has of yet had those experiences. Still, that doesn’t mean Keyshia can’t command the stage the way Mary does, only that she does it in a different way. The video below shows Keyshia performing at Pepsi Smash Live and it is very cute in a high school talent show kinda way. The choreography and her two girlfriends posing at back up dancers make this performance very cute to me.

Check it out…

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  1. Yep, that choreography does look like something she and her friends came up with in her mama’s basement :lol2:

  2. I agree with your comment about the comparison’s to MJB. I just don’t see it. Maybe because she has the street style like Mary had. When Mary came out she spoke to hood chicks and no other RnB artist was doing that. They were (and still) talking about thing couldn’t relate to. I think Keyshia is being given the same type of songs like Mary had at the time it’s just that I can’t relate to Keyshia as much I could and can with Mary. I loved I changed my mind but they way she went about it in the video with ol boy. I never came out in booty shorts, flaming red hair, and looking like I was ready for a bar fight. Mary wouldn’t have either. Either way I like some of Keyshia’s song so I hope she continues to grow as an artist.

  3. I like Keyshia. Her fashion sense is a little off at times, but her music is on point. I’m sure with some more time in this industry she will clear up those rough edges.

  4. Keyshia Cole Keyhsia Cole!!!!! :bowdown: I lOVE HA MUSIC N i WILL b pICKIN uP hA aBLUM sTEP 25

  5. :iagree: SHANEEK mjb will always be the QUEEN of HIP HOP SOUL i can really relate to mary it just seems like she is singing to me. But keyshia is doin’ her thing though but im still tryin’ to find somethin’ in keyshia cole, and it’s not gettin’ there with me. it’s like she’s (STREET HUMBLE) and mary j. is ALL THE WAY HOOD


  6. Keyshia doesn’t do anything for me. Her music is just okay but she has a strong fan base that will support her as Mary does. She appeals to a certain type of girl, urban street girls.

  7. Mary and Keyshia are a lot alike if you ask me. Both of them are from similar backgrounds and act the same way. It’s not that they are trashy, but rather they haven’t been schooled on how to conduct themselves on stage and in interviews. I remember reading that Motown gave their artists media training and today artists usually have an assistant or someone nearby to pull them back a bit if they go over the edge. Neither Keyshia or Mary had that obviously but Mary grew up and learned by trial and error. Keyshia isn’t as bad as Mary was but she’ll get it together eventually too. She just needs to be taught to be quiet sometime and not say everything that pops into her mind. She also need to stop cursing during performances because it is a turn off. Other than that she’s cool with me and I’ll more than likely pick up her album when it comes out on September the 25th.

  8. I love Keyshia she is alright with me! Her first cd was off the hook! There were at least 5 or 6 songs that I really enjoyed. I still play them on the regular. I see how she is compared to MJB as far as her hair cut, her soulful sound but Mary was on a whole different level. Mary is the bomb and she has been since 1991, that’s longevity right there. Let’s see how long these so-called R&B artist last. B/c I’m sorry these fools are the radio now minus my girl Fantasia I will not want to hear their music 20 years from now. But Keyshia’s first album I think I will be bumping that for years to come. I love it! :thumbsup:

  9. I like Keyshia Cole and like I said on the last post I have more respect for her everyday. I think she’s becoming to be a mature young adult that still has some growing to do. (Don’t we all) I also commend her for sticking close to her family and true friends and helping them out when they are in need. Keyshia doesn’t try to forget about them plus she knows where she came from. Mary and Keyshia are both humble people that survived hard times, plus they don’t try to be fake. Mary and Kes also keep in mind that they couldn’t do this(been successful) without their fans of course but most importantly God. Some artist leave him name out sometimes but Kes and especially Mary publicly give credit to God.

    So with that being said there are quite a bit of similarities between Mary J and Keyshia. The only difference I see is that Mary has been in the game longer and is the queen of hip-hop. Keyshia might just catch up since she’s stepping it up, ya’ll see how successful her first album has become so I wouldn’t be surprised if she has longevity just like Mary. She can sing unlike others.

  10. SHE’S A POSER! And a bad one at that! I understand that if you are gonna copy you should copy the right cat but at least make it your own in some way. She doesn’t even bite her right! Keyshia Clone

  11. Keisha can SING. I don’t care about what kind of hair she has, how many tats, how ghetto she is or ANYTHING that is not musically related. When she sings, I listen.

    Actually, that tude/hair, etc. is just icing on the cake.

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