Keyshia Cole Performs On TRL

Yesterday Keyshia Cole and her protege, Amina, performed on MTV’s TRL.

Keyshia performed “Let It Go” and “Shoulda Let You Go”.


  1. Not too keen on her outfit, but fun times and good luck to her protege.

  2. I love her lil knit hat. Don’t know about that outfit though. Did anyone see her show last night. That child’s family is truly a mess. A mess and a half.

  3. ^^^ :iagree: That outfit an hat has to go!!!!! I wonder if that dude is her biological father!!!
    It’s funny how BLACK MEN want to own up to their responsibility as soon as they smell money!!!
    (TYPICAL) And does’nt Amina remind ya’ll of BAP’S from making the band????

  4. :stop: her outfit is ugly and she is not an attractive woman this is coming from a man all she got is tits her voice sucks and her music is not the shit i dont think she can sing at all she dont act like a lady shes the typical hood bitch that thinks she can sing she aint special her friend acts like a dude maybe gay

  5. aww i love keyshia she is so humble nice and determined but still down to earth :bowdown:

  6. Her top is odd, but I kind of like it despite the handmade look (or perhaps due to, can’t decide.) I’m not a huge fan, but I do like the fact that she seems human and at least real. I’ve seen her show once or twice and a few interviews, and it seems like she hasn’t forgotten where she’s come from and realizes she has problems that money can’t fix.

  7. Her show is a trip, but real. Neffe is my girl, and her children are beautiful.

  8. The more I watch “The way it is”, the more I become a fan. It is easier to like some one when they “let you in”. ILove Frankie(reguardless) I wanted to cry with Neffe on last night’s episode. I also respect the fact that she went and got a job instead of living off her sister. (sorry to get off the subject.)

  9. i dont care as much for keyshia’s look since her voice make the whole statement but she is gorgeous and sing great..
    on a personal note brown[light/beyonce] don’t give kelly rowland enough chance :noway: her sens of fashion is rite on it and she is flawless for real :bowdown: if you stay in this blog she would stay boring to you since she don’t make it to tv that much time unless beyonce said so but just check out to name only one blog that do give her a fair shot :thumbsup:

  10. I haven’t heard anyone say this so Ima be first….

    Amina looks like LAURYN HILL.

  11. @ voice
    not being dis-respectful but this column was about “keisha cole” why do you have to bring beyonce into it? Couldn’t you have waited until a new Beyonce blog came onto the site?

  12. To CC
    WOW “Black Men” only do that really? Sorry but that generalization just stuck out.

    Anyway Keyshia has beautiful clear skin and a lovely smile. The outfit not so lovely, but she is trying.

    p.s. Are those long johns?

  13. to VOICE
    brown[/ligth/beyonce] :lol2: :lol2: You lucky the webmaster didnt banned you lol
    on a serious note i agree im a concreteloop lover/poster/stan and its indiscutable that kelly rowland fashion sens can compete with whoever you point out here but you would never know until you “bloggrade” people

    to CC πŸ˜† or even kill their kids childhood making them run while singin or rehearse over and over and over again :confused:

  14. “It is easier to like some one when they β€œlet you in”. ”
    i agree especially when they show their human side just a laugh or a look can change your mind about someone πŸ˜†

  15. :hater: :bowdown: :dance2: πŸ˜†
    Keisha Cole continue to show the world reality.

  16. I love Keisha and think that she is very talented and attractive:thumbsup: . I always knew from day one that she had great potential. I am the real Marcus and Stephanie I wish you would expose the person above that is trying to pretend as being me. Now Marcus is a common name but there is no coincident that the imposter above used my name. I think it’s one of the people from the previous topics that tried to start arguments. They are mad and trying to start trouble. How low can you go trying to post as the person that you are mad at :thumbsdown:. Stephanie I love your site but seriously this childishness needs to stop.

  17. trisha if you knew how to read you’ll know that my post was about kelly rowland being overly under rated on this blog not about beyonce just because you mention someone’s name doesnt mean you talking about them

    mina: please girl don’t nobody get banned for telling the truth at least not that i know of
    and i too im a lover :bowdown:

  18. [quote comment=”16573″]^^^ :iagree: That outfit an hat has to go!!!!! I wonder if that dude is her biological father!!!
    It’s funny how BLACK MEN want to own up to their responsibility as soon as they smell money!!!
    (TYPICAL) And does’nt Amina remind ya’ll of BAP’S from making the band????[/quote]

    Not only BLACK MEN…. people period! 😐

  19. Ms. Cole looks good :dance:

    I would lose the hat and tattoo, though :confused:

  20. :hifive: I think she is real her songs or true her outfit is how she feels and I think she dont care about how eny one looks or thinks about her becouse she is still from the hood and her homegirl looks very nice and you other :hater:s need to get off my girl page talking bullshit :hifive:

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