Keyshia Cole Performs The National Anthem

R n’ B diva Keyshia Cole flexed her vocal muscle over the weekend- performing the National Anthem at the De la Hoya- Pacquiao fight in Las Vegas, Nevada. Keyshia, never the one to do anything on a small scale, debuted her new look at the fight and quickly got the public’s- or at least bloggers- attention. Wearing a sequined gold colored body baring outfit and a brand new auburn wig, Keyshia was a site to behold while belting out her soulful rendition of The Star Spangled Banner. And though the sista is getting a thumbs down from most other bloggers- she gets a thumbs up from me. I loved the outfit and the new hair. Yes it was “unique”- but so is Keyshia. The colors complimented her skin beautifully and I’m glad she chose to do her own thing her own way.

Check out pics and the performance below.



  1. That wig…. :bag: the outfit :bag: :bag: Poor Keysh! She looks like a 70s hooker! :thumbsdown:

  2. I love Keyshia but what was she thinking when she put on that wig it needs to go asap.

  3. Please dont tell me she’s gonna keep that look?? The black wavy look is soooooo much prettier on her- that wig looks like it has legs…

  4. That was one good fight, but Keyshia looked terrible. She rushed the anthem and she really didn’t look good. Um sorry sista……

  5. Keyshia looks a mess. What is on her head? Her hair always looks great except for this time…yikes!!!!!!! Maybe she was impersonating Don King..LOL!

  6. yaaaackkkkkkkkkk! she looks like a hot mess! At the beginning I thought it was a joke, like a costume for a ball or something but it seems to be serious. damn!!! she wants to bring the studio 54 or whatever 70s look! lmao

  7. :thumbsdown: to that wig!!

    She could have just styled her own hair! I love you Keyshia, but what were you thinking? The dress is cute though!

  8. That side profile pic with her tongue coming our is just too too funny! It makes her look even more crazy.

  9. WTF was that crap. I just watched the video, amazing. They’ve taken it off of youtube already for obvious reasons. I like Keshia, she’s a very sweet girl and kindhearted as hell. I’ve seen the reality show with her family (what a horrible group of ppl to call family),but I don’t believe singing is for her. That’s personal belief. I do believe she made it so that she could help her family out.All higher power’s will, not her voice.Sometimes ppl get positions in life they don’t deserve for the benefit of someone else.This is definitely one of those situations because “Keisha, as sweet as you are, you can not sing, boo.” That performance was a definite :thumbsdown:

  10. i like keyshia, but she looks like street walking ghetto superhero in that outfit

  11. It brought tears to my eyes…….tears of shame. The worst ever. Made me want to vomit. Im tired of artists butchering the anthem in outrageous LOOK AT ME performances. enuf allread Arghhhhhh…..

  12. Keyshia is way too young for that bull! Who chose the outfit and the wig? Whoever is responsible should be fired! That was the most tacky, unflattering outfit one could have wardrobed Keyshia in. Keyshia is such a natural…Girl keep it simple with your natural beauty…all the hype is so not neccessary! It looked like Macy Gray and Flip Wilson combined! The dress was way too short, it was creeping up in the front of her goodies and it look like she was wearing a dress make out of a girdle! Too much BS around her neck…but the wig was the biggest who done it! Keyshia, girl fire whoever put that toghether! You are truly a gift to us all, especially to young ladies…so please just be you…that works best!

  13. Well, I want to be nice because I don’t like dissing sistas and Keyshia is cool but her “ear” is not good at all. I don’t understand it. I would love for her to have vocal training or someone to work on her understanding of pitch because she has a beautiful voice but her ear just takes away from that.

  14. That wig cover part of that messed up face…she is not the most attractive woman I’ve seen her in person. She need additional vocal training…great voice in the studio but she always seems like she is trying to catch her breath when she is live performing…..her new song take your time..she ought to try that in her singing.

  15. I usually like her performances, but that was a mess. She sounded like she was either rushing or nervous, but it was not her best performance. The outfit and wig I can deal with, but not that sound. She’s much better than that.

  16. :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: cant sing a lick and if u a fan u crazy :bag: :bag: :bag: 😆 😆 :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown:

  17. Love Keyshia but what the hell was she thinking she sound so bad and look a mess still love u though.

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