Keyshia Cole. Pregnant, Tattoo, What next?!

Article by: CoCo T.

I’m trying to start this post off slow and steady, but I can’t! What the hell is up with Keyshia Cole?! Is she crazy? First she goes and gets this R.A.N’s (Random Ass N*gga’s) name tattood to her shoulder, though they’d been dating for about 4mos [at the time]! Then, she pulls the disappearing act on all her fans, and POOF! — pops back up, pregnant as all hell.

keyshia cole daniel gibson
NBA Player Daniel “Boobie” Gibson & Keyshia Cole

*Frustation building.* I just don’t know what to do. Yes it is her life, and she can do as she pleases, but why doesn’t he get her name tattood to him as well, and buy her a damn ring?! And yeah yeah yeah…I know not every couple HAS to get married to be happy (Halle & Gabriel; Tiny & T.I.; Monica & Rocko), but damn Keyshia! What kind of example is this?! She’s seriously acting as if she has NO money and still lives in the damn ghetto. Get some class!

Things may look fine and dandy now, but that’s how it always looks in the beginning. Yeah he looks like a nice guy, but so did Chris Brown! As a matter of fact, Chris still looks like the same ‘ole Chris. Smiles mean nothing. You learn something new everyday, and they’re still so young. Why not wait a while?

I’m baffled. Why do so many women CHOOSE to be stereotypes?

Keyshia’s life would seriously make a good urban book…

Little light skinned girl gets taken in by another family because her crackhead mother, who has about 9 other children (whom she can’t all find) by several different men, was off doing her crackheaded deeds and locked up in a jail somewhere with no teeth. It so turns out that the little light skinned girl can sang, and gets a record deal! Then LLSG saves her “real” family. She moves her former-crackhead mom and loud ass sister (who now has like 5 kids, by several different men as well) into their own home. Now LLSG meets a BALLER (basket ball-er that is) and is immediately smitten! All three women get their man’s name tattood to themselves in the same year…THE END! Will they live happily ever after? Who knows? Buy the sequel to find out!

Back in July, writer LJ Knight did a post of Keyshia’s new tattoo. Here’s what a commenter had to say:

I must say Keyshia Cole looks ridiculously happy.. she is absolutely glowing with the joy of being in love. Love in itself is such a powerful emotion, how can you blame people for doing something as crazy as getting a tat for the one that gives them such a high?

…this comment makes it sound so much better, doesn’t it? — But, then you wake up and smell the Premium coffee, and remember that love is not a guarantee! You lessen your chances by choosing to dive into something so quickly. If you decide you want to be with your significant other FOREVER, then what’s the rush? Keyshia is 28 yrs old, and the boy is 23. What could he of all men know?! — Wait. Obviously he knows more than Keyshia! He isn’t the one who’s tatted up, or knocked up! Other sites have even reported that he’s a [rumored] cheater.

Here’s what LJ had to say about that one:

I am especially upset at Keyshia Cole. She is always singing about getting her heart broken and learning from those lessons. An act like this makes her lose all credibility. What exactly did you learn? In fact, wasn’t she just with [Young] Jeezy not too long ago? She hasn’t even been with this new man for a couple of years and she has branded his name on her. Keyshia Cole is stupid. Yeah I said it. She is stupid. She is stupid for choosing to go the ghetto love route and get a tattoo rather than a ring. Why not? You obviously have your minds made up that you are going to be together forever after only a few months so don’t half ass it. Make it official.

…well said LJ! Well said.

All in all, I do believe Keyshia is genuinely happy. She looks it! And I am happy for her. I just hope this wasn’t ANOTHER silly move, and that these two are both serious about making their relationship a long-term one. Ring or no ring. She’s about to have a damn baby anyways, so a ring doesn’t even matter now!

Oh, and before I forget…my examples of other celebs who have chosen to have children out of wedlock are either much older than these two or have been with that person for years. My main point is not so much the having a child out of wedlock part, but is mainly the amount of time this relationship has been official, and how many random acts have gone down within that time frame.

After watching this video and listening to this song, which I believe was aimed towards their relationship (peep Keyshia rocking Boobie’s Cavaliers jersey in the vid), I just PRAY this young love and family grows and continues to be happy!…


  1. well said!!!! i think keyshia is acting real needy right now. clingy whatever you want to call it. she done got some 23 year old d!@# and went crazy! i would never ever brand my body with a man’s name. i think it’s childish and territorial. i don’t need to ink myself with your name to prove i am all yours. she’s five years older than this young man. they are at two diffent points in their lives. women mature faster than men. so i thought. I am SMDH at lil miss cole right now. this is the point in the relationship where you should be enjoying one another, traveling together, spending time getting to know one another, having fun. not planning a wedding and baby shower. (whoops did I say wedding?) i meant baby shower!

    this is my opinion of course.!!!!

  2. Preach Summer-Raine! Lol. Here’s my favorite part:

    “…not planning a wedding and baby shower. (whoops did I say wedding?) i meant baby shower!”

  3. People need to stop judging. From the little we all know, Keisha had a ROUGH ASS LIFE! If this is what makes her happy, then so be it! This girl probably never had or felt the love she’s experiencing right now in her whole life, so if this man make her smile the way she’s smiling……..then smile on!

  4. Well, her fans can forget about her being the next Mary J. Blige.

  5. Leema, seriously. If everyone thought that way, the world’s population would be more out of control than it is now! Just because you feel love in the first 5mins of your relationship, doesn’t mean its time to bring a brand new life into this world.

    …Look at her mother and sister! Frankie didn’t finally become happy until Keyshia brought her up out the hood, and she got herself a new man. She had 9-11 kids before that. The same goes for her sister Neffe.

    If this man is making you happy, let him keep making you happy. See if he’ll be there with you and make you happy when REAL time goes by. Men get bored easily, so walking around with a bulging belly, tattoo of his name, and a smile on your face only 8-9mos after you’ve MET doesn’t mean he’ll be here forever. She’ll be pissed if he f*cks this one up!

  6. …I’m not saying her life is doomed or anything, because they may just be one of those one in a million couples. All I’m saying is everything is way too rushed. He’s only 23 yrs old!

    They have all the time in the world, and are both blessed to have come so far and be so successful. Time lessens all the should’a could’a would’as.

  7. The way bobbie been missing those hoops with the cavalier…he ain’t going no were his ass have been playing really sorry…and they just gave him an increase which if they do not make the playoffs this year he that will defintely be cut…so look forward to him singing..I PLAY MY CARDS RIGHT>>>>>I GOT KEYSHIA COLE!!!! Don’t hate the playa…hate the game!! Man down!!!LOL God please forgive me!!

  8. Its still her business. If she gets hurt again, oh well? I’ll just expect another bomb a$$ album with her great vocals, that I’ll blast on my ipod.

  9. I’m lost, why are ppl acting all surprised at KC. Turn your memory clocks back to how this girl was introduced to us, her look, attitude and the way she spoke, my thoughts were ghetto as hell. Can take the LLSG out the hood you can’t take hood out her. Only reason yall are so disappointed because yall thought she was going to be the next MJB, wrong, she’s KC. Disappointment happens when you set ppl at high expectations. That weak album was a disappointment, tatted up and pregnant naw.

  10. first off i can’t believe she let this 23 year old get her pregnant. second off, she is supposed to have this “i am woman hear me roar” type thing going on, and now she looks just a weak as the next woman. I guess al the stuff she said in her songs were not so true. well i wish her a healthy pregnancy. i just hope she does not end up like her sister!

  11. Part of me agrees with you. I agree about the name tattoo but no freakin ring, and I agree it’s a little soon…no, very soon to have the tat, baby on the way, etc. But on the other hand, you never know what foolishness may turn out to be.

    I was 20 when I met my now husband (who was 26 at the time, which probably makes the situation a little different becasue he is older in this case, and I’m younger). We were expecting a child 7 months later, and a year after we met, we got married. Everyone thought it was foolish because I was “too young” to marry, only getting married because of the baby (that part was not true) too soon, and it probably was [foolish], but it worked for us, and we’re still very happy together (maybe we were just blessed).

    So basically what I’m saying is that although Miss Keyshia may not be living up to expectations, we know nothing of their future together. It looks like a bad situation, but who knows? You just never know. I still wish them (ecspecially her and the baby) well.

  12. What gets me is that people are using the “Keisha had a rough life” excuse for her actions. Thats the main reason you shouldn’t live your life recklessly. Wouldn’t you want better for your child? Wouldn’t you want your child to see you legally married and living in a home together in a God endorsed relationship? The only thing that separates her from the rest of her family is a record deal. SMDH! I am disappointed. I thought she was a step above hood rat.

  13. I co-sign with everyone that has said this is a disappointment..she should have slowed this way down and just took her time. Red Lipstick you are totally right the only thing that separates Keyshia from Neffie is that Keyshia has more money in the bank.

  14. I don’t think Keyshia is a hoodrat that’s kinda harsh, but I do think she’s made some dumb azz decisions. Hopefully nothing backfires on them and they stay together til death… you know the rest.

  15. Is it wrong to have sex before marriage? Yes. Is it wrong to have children out of wedlock? Yes. If we want to keep it Biblical, lets take it all the way. This post is based off of a manmade system called: stereotypes. So, I see, we are more concerned with what society thinks than what God thinks.

    Bottom line is, the whole situation is WRONG, yet at least Keyshia can take care of her child. Do I believe children need both parents? Yes. But we do not know the inner workings of Keyshia and Chris relationship. We praise Oprah for her success, yet Oprah has led a relationship with Stedman (from what we can tell) out of wedlock, yet we still view her as the epitome of success. This relationship is a stereotype as well. Oh, and are we excusing Halle, Monica, and Tiny? What about Kimora? What about Lauren London?

    I like Keyshia and I am happy for her. I don’t agree with her choice, but I will still support her as an artist and pray that she strengthens her relationship with Christ.

    I can’t wait to see that little angel that she is carrying.

  16. Wow i can not believe people on here. This woman is in love we can not judge this woman. She came from a rough road. I seen women get pregnant within a month know ing a guy and they still together. It her life she not paying my bills lol. Go keisha i wish u luck love and happiness.

  17. Just look at the history of her family and you will get your answer.

  18. Wow. Condoms anyone?

    Well if this is her choice; if planned *no I didn’t read all of it* then God bless her.

  19. LOL at all the people up here who think that they are so perfect that they can judge other peoples’ lives and tell other people what will work best for them. People are too funny.

  20. I don’t think she is stupid. She’s in love. Daniel is a great guy and comes from a great family. While they’re young, I think they will be fine. Keyshia deserves her own happiness and doesn’t need approval from others on how she live her life. I wish Keyshia, Daniel and the new baby continued happiness and health.

  21. On another note, did people judge Katie holmes harshly for getting pregnant by Tom Cruise so early in their relationship. They were not together a full year when she had their baby. Other White celebrities have done the same as well.

  22. In response to Leema,
    JOB 14:1. *Man – A weak creature, and withal corrupt and sinful, and of that sex by which sin and all other calamity was brought into the world.

    Yes, she may have had a ROUGH life, but no need to make it rougher than what it is or has been! Duh! Having a child out of wedlock to a 23 year old isnt a good way of SMOOTHING her life out! lol. Another thing, just because someone is smiling doesnt “always” mean that they are happy! Do you know how many people put on fake smiles everyday to get through life, etc??? Lets be honest smiles dont enrich your future or make anyone a good role model! Not to mention they have been dating for a short period of time. Hell, I was grinning too for a good year or two until I began to learn more about this guy. Point is, they are still in the googly eye phase of a r.ship and they barely know each other. Its not always that way in a r.ship. And with a baby on board it shakes things up a bit. Like most men, when things get tough they run for the hills. But with no rings to show unity and commitment between K.C. & her boo it is going to be a piece of cake for him to slide right out of the door!!!

  23. The apple does not fall far from the tree. I had alot more expectations on keyshia’s career but who am I to judge smh! I didn’t believe all the “prego” rumors but from the photo’s iv’e seen of her they are so true she looks 5 months or so but she’s happy in love

  24. Even if she didnt get pregnant their was no way in hell she could every replace Mary. When she sells 65 Million records then she can be Mary….

  25. yeah another stereotypical black woman, becoming a baby momma first instead of a mans wife, didn’t kloe get the ring and husband in 30 days? regardless if it was for money or whatever she let lamar know you better put a ring on it and actually marry me. why do we settle for less as black women? erica badu 3 babies by 3 diffrent men, none of them married her…so sad, i have been married 10 years and we had our 3 children after we got married, i love myself too much to become a statistic, i think more of us should love ourselves and demand more than just some diamonds and a handbag. tiny sticking by ti he’s not going to marry her because she’s ok with being a baby momma, look at lil wayne uglya a-s-s and all these woman ok with just being his baby momma, all of these celebrities are setting bad examples for our future children what ever happen to having class and respect for ourselves? i guess we are destined to be failures and hopless as a race, will we ever ever ever learn?

  26. i really dont know what to say about this one….I don’t agree with the tattoo thing, but man I think that if she is happy then let her do what she need to. We all sit here and act like we aint did something bizarre. Man we see all her songs is talkin about being happy, leave her alone. It’s so craxy how we get on ppl in hollywood, but ppl doing the same thing on the streets. We woman always want to talk about “respect” and “I would never do that”….we’ve all fallen short.

  27. Well by now we should all know that these ghetto singer turned celebs are just that and we tend to think too highly of them sometimes and forget that they will do silly things just as regular people would. and keyshia is just one of those silly girls, she is no different then neffe or her mom.

  28. just because she got a tattoo dont mean she aint got no class. I personally think it should have been a mutral thing, but hay, its her body. A baby? soshe can have a baby. Alot of ppl have sex before married, she just got cought up. Alot of ppl so. They just get an abortion with out us knowing or give it up. Everybody aint got to do it the marriage way.

  29. I always saw keyshia as a young faith evans (even though faith can sing her a** off) not so much of mary though mary is sooo soulful

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