Keyshia Cole Previews New Music


Keyshia Cole Shares New Snippet Via Instagram

Are you guys ready for new music from Keyshia Cole? I’m sure the Love singer hopes you are because according to a post on her official Instagram page, she’s about to give us some. Like Kelly Rowland a few days ago, and Keri Hilson the week before, Keyshia is sharing snippets of new music via social media, most likely in an attempt to gage public reaction.

At first listen, Keyshia’s new music doesn’t sound any different than the stuff she’s been putting out for the last few years. In my opinion Keyshia has been stuck in a musical rut since 2010’s Calling All Hearts. Keyshia is in desperate need of new material and new producers. Every song she releases now sounds like filler. She needs to step outside the box. Try something different. A new sound. A new image. Something to shake up the hum-drum existence her musical career has become.

I’ll hold off on completely slamming Keyshia’s new sound until I’ve heard it all, but like I said a few days ago about Sevyn Streeter, I’m over boo-hoo-ing songs about either getting a man or getting rid of one. Surely these women have lives outside of men.

Keyshia too needs to dig deeper. Pull a Solange if you have to. Just try something else. Anything. Maybe an uptempo tune. Just not another song about you [repeatedly] choosing the wrong man and then forcing us to listen to you sing about it.

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  1. LOL Yeah, try joy or self-discovery, Keyshia! LOL.

    Get “on trend” with the likes of Solo, Kellz and Yonce, both visually and musically.


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