Keyshia Cole Readies New “Rick James” Single


Keyshia Cole is back with new music.

The 32-year old “Love” singer used Instagram to unveil snippets of several new singles over the weekend, including her latest, the Juicy J assisted track “Rick James.”

Keyshia also unveiled the single’s cover art, which features her rocking a pair of stilettoes from her recent collection with shoe designer Steve Madden.

Keyshia plans to hit the road to promote both her music and her shoe line, appearing at Dillard’s Post Oak Galleria on April 15th and kicking off a small club tour in May.

To hear snippets of “Rick James,” check out the clip below, as well as pics from Keyshia’s recent Steve Madden photo shoot.

Update: Listen to the full single below.


  1. am i the only one who finds all this black and white crap strange?

    i don’t really do heels but i can say she looks nice in that picture with the 2 ponytails and the lime green shoes.

    as for the song, the same ole’ same ole’ crap that’s on the radio. nothing to save change to buy in my book. i don’t see how this girl started out singing songs that were good and ends up singing “yeah bitch i’m rick james”. this is basically bottom of the barrel to me. she can and has done better. someone may very well like it but it won’t be me….at all.

  2. I agree Pray For The Children.
    Keyshia needs to rethink her whole music strategy. She is so lost. She needs to take time off, regroup, rework her images, hire some real songwriters/producers and try again in a year or two. I follow her on Instagram and the stuff she posts is embarrassing and sad. Not becoming of a superstar at all. Some media training wouldn’t hurt either.

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