Keyshia Cole Returns to BET

Keyshia Cole is heading back to familiar territory. According to a tweet sent out by the singer’s publicist Simone Smalls, Keyshia and husband Daniel Gibson have had their independent reality series picked up by BET.

As previously reported here, Keyshia and Daniel had been having their lives taped around clock for most of 2011 and were hoping to sell the idea to a network as a family friendly reality show.

BET officially came on board in March and will start airing “Keyshia Cole: The Family Way”, a six part series, starting this fall.

Keyshia and Daniel will act as executive producers alongside James DuBose and Michele Barnwell.

FYI: Keyshia, who is usually quite vocal on social media, deleted her Twitter account back in March. Unlike Nicki Minaj, few people seem to have noticed or cared.


  1. BOOOOOOOO! OH please! She gets on my last nerve! This show will no undoubtedly show her working on her new album. I’m NOT watching this show!!!!!!!

  2. Keyshia lost contact with her fans and this may help, depending on the amount of promotion and radio support + good singles!

    I hope she can reconnect, the cd was so remote, I hope this time her heart shows up like in some of her previous work!

    Most music can’t sell without these side lines, unfortunately!

  3. I remember her talking about this all the time on Twitter. It was suppose to be a documentary about her second wedding ceremony and the making of her album. Sounds like old news to me. I think Keysia’s time has come and gone.

  4. I agree I think her time has come and gone too. I’m not a fan of hers. Most of the time during interviews and stuff she was rude, but I havent heard anything like that from her recently.

  5. I don’t follow Keyshia’s but I do buy her albums and if what everyone is saying is true then I hope the last album sales cause her to eat some humble pie cause it seems like everybody is through with her.

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