Keyshia Cole Rocks Jimmy Kimmel

R n’ B beauty Keyshia Cole took to Jimmy Kimmel last night to perform her latest single ‘Trust & Believe.’

I’m sure by now you all know Black Twitter was in full effect yesterday, taking Keyshia to task for remarks she made about Beyonce’s new single ‘Bow Down.’

I won’t get into details… I’m sure you all know them anyway. What I will do is post the most common sense thing I read on Twitter in the mist of black folks’ latest hate filled rant against the singer.

Chris Crocker, yes, that Chris Rocker, said all that needed to be said.



  1. Keyshia looked pretty and Chris ain’t told nothing but the truth.

  2. Everything he said is on point…the sad thing is the people that need to heed it won’t…smh

  3. That “only can be one” mentality is what is choking our mainstream artistry today. Chris ain’t said nothing but a word. He spoke truth.

  4. That “only can be one” mentality is not Beyonce’s fault. The world chooses who they want to love and support. Keyshia is not one of them. Period.

    I agree Keyshia should be allowed to express herself, whenever she feel like, about anyone and anything, and so does Beyonce (in her music) and her fans on twitter.

    Now I understand why Beyonce never voice her opinions and acts like a robot all the time, just see what happens when she does. Her stuff is always over analyzed and critized.
    It’s like she is always walking on eggshells, careful of what she does or say because it might set some people off.

    Beyonce probably is tired of the bull, hence that type of song.

  5. This Chris Rocker guy rant is Much ado about nothing. And so hypocrite.

    Why is he talking about feminism, black on black discrimination again?
    He thinks Beyonce Means to literally bow down to her? lol.

    Another fool looking for attention.

  6. Yes, Beyonce means literally bow down to her. AND she is talking to her stans as well, trust and believe lol

  7. I am so glad someone with a platform stood up for Keyshia. This really pissed me off last night when I read about it. Beyonce did not hang the moon. Bow down? Please you ain’t Jesus. I respect Keyshia for having the guts to say something. She not jealous at all only jealous people hide the truth Keyshia put that ish out there and blew it up.

  8. Okay. There can only be one mentality isn’t Beyonce’s fault (I never said it was). But it exists and some artists, SOME, reinforce it. But as you say, it’s up to fans to decide who they choose to support. Some do it quietly, some do it like an average fan and some are ridiculously overzealous with their fanning (thanks Internets!). I’m done talk about all of this. Good discussion from you all. I like that we can dialog without resorting to name calling…even if we disagree. *bow down b_sh_s!* SMH. Over and out!

  9. I’m sorry the world has not chosen Beyonce as they’re lord and savior, the WORLD has not chosen her as “only can be one”. I do not stan for Beyonce or Keyshia Cole…but I am a true lover of music, which expands beyond brainwashed, force fed music. I only ask if you have 1 million people listening to you..say SOMETHING…let address HIv/AIDS, premarital sex, unplanned pregnancy, undereducation…many things to say…give me the days of Aaliyah, Brandy, Ashanti, Monica, Jill Scott, Indie Arie, Alicia Keys, Keyshia Cole, Lauryn Hill…were they performed with they’re clothes ON.

  10. Ok, so first off before I clicked on the post I knew it wouldn’t be about Keyshia’s performance…
    With that being said, I think that track meant many things including a message for her “haters”. I don’t know why everyone’s writing that assumption off like that’s the absolute last thing on planet earth it could’ve been meant for. @Eva I agree, I said in the Toni Braxton post not too long ago when she said she’s upset with the music business, that she needs to be mad at the CONSUMERS, they’re the artists bosses essentially, same with consumers, be mad at you’re fellow music buyers not the artist at hand, and don’t be so hypocritical when others have their “opinions”.
    But I do think Beyonce should’ve released this song(?) at an earlier time in her career.
    And I would’ve liked to have judged the performance.

  11. Did anybody say the world has chosen Beyonce as their lord and Savior?
    I said the world choose who they want to support and Keyshia ain’t one of them.
    Did I lie? This has nothing to do with Beyonce. The dislike for Beyonce is so transparent.

    Nobody should not go in on Keyshia when she speak her mind, but isn’t that exactly what she is doing to Beyonce? Beyonce has the right to say how she feel too. Keyshia did not like it and she said so. Fine.

    Why get angry when Keyshia receive the same treatment in return? Because it’s Beyonce?

  12. Ok, so first off before I clicked on the post I knew it wouldn’t be about Keyshia’s performance…

    Wasn’t much to say about the performance. I touched on the hoopla via Twitter, because, well, if I didn’t I wouldn’t be doing my job. However, I chose to not post bullish titles like ‘Keyshia Cole Disses Beyonce,” like so many other sites did. Also, had Keyshia not performed last night, I wouldn’t have written about it at all. Just as I didn’t touch on the Keri Hilson drama until I actually had a real story to write about her.

  13. Brown Sista is not a stan site! Many of the most unflattering and salacious stories won’t be posted here! Brown Sista and Clutch Magazine actually try to present entertainment news with some actual value! Rihanna often gets little or no comments here, if it’s flattering news, so bad publicity is still publicity, hence Keyshia and Beyonce, on their grind!

  14. Kudos to Keyshia. Beyonce and Jay-Z have created a culture of fear where their black peers (other talented musical artists) are afraid to speak out against them. Bulls***.

    Beyonce and Jay-Z got together at the height of their careers so at the time they seemed “untouchable”. Truth be told, Beyonce’s ability to sell records has waned since then and Jay-Z’s relevance has diminshed (these days he stays current by tagging on to other hot artists). They don’t own music nor the musical Billboards. There’s enough room for everyone to shine. All the “there can only be one” crap has got to stop and it starts by other artists challenging them and not backing down(*side eye* at Keri Hilson). Way to go, Keyshia. I expect other artists to follow suite. Rihanna, Weezy, Jennifer H., hell, even Kanye….where you at?

    What makes it worse is that Beyonce’s bullying is targeted at other black female artists. Not the white ones. When white females outshine her she tries to join forces with them (i.e. Lady Gaga, Shakira). However, when black females pose a threat to her popularity, she tries to destroy them. Enough is enough. The jig is up, Bee. It was time to pull the plug on you like yesterday.

  15. Eva there are 6.8 BILLION people in the world, beyonce has sold tops 3 million and slowly declined to 1 million…the world very diverse and all genre of music can be appreciate for different reasons…If you feel and Beyonce feel like she is the alpha and the omega fine…but not everyone else feels the same…KC was calling Beyonce out on her contradictive ways that all…and most of feels like minute you want to empower woman and the next you wanna bus a cap in the booty…really now, this is not her first or third album..where is the growth…that all I about something for the betterment of man and mankind…that what I was expecting from her being that she is a woman, a wife and especially a MOTHER

  16. @TRUTHTELLER – Those 6.8 Billion people aren’t checking for Keyshia and it has nothing to with Beyonce and the 3 Million albums she sold. This is about Keyshia as a artist/celebrity. She’s just isn’t popular.

    There is nothing contradictory about the 2 snippets. Anyone who is confident and certainly does not see them self as a b**** should not be offended. Keyshia is in no position to call out any of her peers since she does not have the MODEL type personality. But she has the right to do so and others have the right to talk bull about her right back.

    First and Foremost Beyonce is an entertainer. She don’t need to empower anyone. Learn to empower yourselves.

    And Maybe, just maybe Beyonce is fed up of empowering some bitter, angry crabs who have dragged her through the mud for years for any and everything she does and has decided to empower herself for a change. Think about it.

  17. Keyisha Cole is a Hippocrate! She claim to be a new person, a happy person! But she’s the same negative person! Keyshia Cole exploited her family to gain success on TV! Then she made a statement saying she didn’t want to be bother with her family because they were to negative and she was in a new place in her life. Next she dropped a terrible album and blamed everyone but herself! She continues to have tantrums on twitter like a child. Grow up Keyisha! I love Beyonce but I don’t love all her music. Keyshia Cole has a right to her opinion! But she continues to make personal attacks on people and that what I have a problem with! If someone attacked Keyisha Cole personally she wouldn’t like it. So maybe Keyisha should take her own advice and not throw stones at a glass house!! Peace

  18. Keyshia Cole-Gibson looks great! Whomever her new stylist is she is doing a great job! The only person anyone should bow down to is GOD!! However, Mrs. Carter, the song represent Houston Texas and she is not insulting anyone. The title to the song is insulting to people…why when there are so many other important things to worry about such as juveniles, aids, hunger, homelessness, etc.

  19. i am like the jay z song, if you don’t like something just press forward. just because you can say something you don’t have to, but if people want to express themselves in public then they can expect a public response, whether you are keysha or beyonce or surabi.

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