Keyshia Cole Says She “Gets It”

After her last album failed to set the record charts on fire, singer Keyshia Cole says she is now ready to give her fans what they want.

And what does Keyshia think her fans want? Well according to a recent tweet, “more depressed, fed up, n*ggas ain’t sh*t” music.” Keyshia says she recognizes that not all of her fans have moved on like she has and that “not everybody is happy.”

The 30-year old mommy and wife says she is still thankful for those fans who have grown with her and plans to release more upbeat tunes to keep them happy as well.

All in all Keyshia says she “gets it” and is ready to just make music and money.

Editor’s Note: As much as I adore Keyshia and am happy to see her successful in both career and life in general, I think it is a mistake for her to assume the poor performance of her last album was based on the fact that the music was more upbeat and happy than it had been on previous records.

Happy, upbeat music can and does sale records. This is why Pop and Rock & Roll are such huge sellers. The content on Keyshia’s last album wasn’t the problem- it was the quality. The songs sounded thrown together- as if they were fillers left over from previous recording sessions.

Twitter is not the best place to get advice for one’s upcoming record and sadly Keyshia is listening to what a few fans have to say via the social media outlet.

No matter how sad the songs, if there is not quality writing and production behind them, they will falter on the charts.

This is also where Keyshia can learn a lesson or two from Mary J. Blige, who refused to bow down to pressure to sing about a life she no longer lives. Blige said rather than sing inauthentic songs to her fans, she’d rather just step her game up.

The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul has spoken.


  1. Is Keyshia serious?

    Beyonce’s “4” is one of my favorite albums of the year and “Love On Top” is my favorite off the album right now and I’m single and dating at the moment. SMH. “Love” is one of Keyshia’s biggest hits she was NOT MARRIED when she recorded that song. Stop It.

  2. This is why her album didn’t sell. PPL see that she has a nasty attitude. And to think folks were saying she was the next MJB, gtfoh. That last album was trash, it wasn’t the topic of the songs, like BS said, it was the quality!!!

    You need to go find Manny, get a little more humble, strengthen that voice, improve your stage presence and concentrate on writing and recording good music cause. The End!!!

  3. What happened to just making good music, she should just put to music were her life is right now. If you are in a happy place because your married new house with child, then get passionate about that and maybe somebody who is going through something may feel if you made it maybe I can too.

  4. I thought her last album was great. It was much better than “A Different Me”, now that album should have tanked because it was horrible. In an album you need happy music and a few songs that talk about how fed up a woman is with her man. Not every fan is happy or sad in a relationship, so you need both so they can relate. Anyway bump all this where is

  5. Is she out of her mind?? I agree with the editor’s note.Don’t blame ur fans for the reason why your album failed.How about,make a good song,and then you won’t have to worry about your album failing.If she is willing to make “more depressed,fed up…” music then she is not even being real to herself.

  6. I think the above poster is right … She does not have the best personal rep. I think that’s the same reason Jill Scott go not Grammy nods. They say she is nasty and difficult to deal with. That will hold you back.

  7. I actually think that A Different Me was her best work. She had upbeat tempo songs like Please Don’t Stop which was my favorite. Keyshia seems like she loses focus so easily. Once she got married and had the baby, the hunger went away.

    just sayin

  8. hmmm Keyshia i wouldn’t do that if i were you. Like everyone else here said, i think it’s the quality that everyone had a problem with, no the subject matter. You can make happy songs that your fans will love too

  9. I agree and disagree with her, the man bashing, desperate, lonely, bitter ghetto songs made her famous , so obviously most of her fan base wouldn’t appreciate her being in love and in a healthy relationsip, but keyshia is not making an effort at building a new fanbase , her songs are cheasy, and she doesn’t seem to try anymore, like mary she needs to go back to the drawing board

  10. Rotfl @ the mandatory beyonce plug in, you ppl deserve some type of award.

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