Keyshia Cole Scores High On The Charts

Keyshia Cole Though Keyshia Cole did not snag the #1 spot on this week’s albums chart, the singer did score her highest first week sales ever. Selling just over 322,000 copies, A Different Me, Keyshia’s third solo album, came in at #2 and has officially solidified the singer as a force to be reckoned with. With no real “hit” to push her sales, Keyshia selling over 300,000 copies shows that she has a loyal fan base that will stick with her regardless. Play Your Cardz Right, the first single from A Different Me, stalled on the charts and after 12 weeks sits at #11 on the R n’ B charts and is totally outside the top 50 on the Hot 100 charts. Keyshia label however didn’t panic and push her album back- ala Ciara. Instead, they trusted in their artist and in return Keyshia’s fans proved that hit single or no hit single- they were going to support the singer’s efforts.


  1. I loved Keyshia’s first album. When an artist has a solid album first time around, people are more likely to support their follow up project. When artists just have good singles, and we waste our money on bad albums, we feel cheated. Hence poor sophmore album sales for artists countless R&B acts.

    Keyshia delivered on her previous album, and her fans will buy it knowing that they’ll play the hell out of the CD. People also support her because her reality show shows that she’s the underdog. She supports her entire family, and she’s not flamboyant with materialistic things. I never feel like if I’m buying her album to support private jets, and million dollar rings. After Beyonce’s Diva song, I feel like she’s so rich, she doesn’t need my $12.99 for her album. LOL. I’ll give my money to someone who’s humble and appreciates their fan base enough to be real and HONEST with them.

    Disclaimer- No I’m not hating on Bey. I just used her as an example since she’s fresh in my mind from the last post. I know someone will jump on my case for bringing it up :thumbsup: .

  2. SIDENOTE: Keyshia looks so beautiful these days. She looks happier and elegant. I like the direction she’s going in.


  4. I love the new direction shes taking her look but I’m not really a fan of the new sound. Every woman needs a little heartbreak song in her “rest her nerves” playlist. But — i absolutely agree that her fans are loyal and will buy it just because its Keyshia (just like i am even though against my better judgement i ran out on release day to get her cd). The success of the reality show i think is what is really pushing album sales. The more interested we are in her life, the more inclined we are to support her cause.

    I love her though and I think she look absolutely FAB with the retro hollywood glam look. Im saying… who can bring finger waves back and make it look classy

  5. thats good and you know what…i like the songs on the album and i can relate…im happy that she came with something different but at the same time…the songs dont really fit her well to me…but she gets A for me for trying to explore and im proud

  6. Why are people so obsessed with chart numbers and record sales? Just be happy she put the music out. There are plenty of singers out there who WISH they had made it onto Billboard period.

  7. Jeremy, are you out there? Well, after you finish posting your nonsense here, please go to the “Halo” video; I’ve left you a comment which you very urgently need to read.

  8. I think Keyshia does well becasue she doesn’t try to crossover. She is an R&B singer and she sticks to that. I’m not a huge fan, I haven’t dwnloaded anything from this album, but I respect her being who she is. My only problem with Keyshia is that she went on tour with R.Kelly, but I guess needing to make that tour money was more important than considering who she was associating with. I seriously doubt that anyone besides me is bothered by that though.

  9. Teeda, you are so funny. But from viewing these posts on beyonce from some of the other people posting an opinion, I don’t blame you for putting up that disclaimer. Very smart. In regards to Keisha, I did not buy her album, but I love the music that I heard so far. I watch her show when it comes on BET. It is so real because they are showing a side of themselves that people deal with everyday. I wish her much and greater success.

  10. Keyshia is awesome. I heard her album and I think it’s good. Much love 🙂

  11. I am not feeling Keyshia’s album this time around! I loved her previous two, but this one did not do it for me, so I did not buy it. I still wish her the best and hope she keeps the short dark hair! She looks pretty!

    I think she has a loyal fanbase and her TV show helps for publicity.

    I understand what you are saying, but Diva was intended for the haters that said she couldn’t get it. A lot of these celebs have more money than me, but if I like ’em and/or their craft then I will continue to support. You want to compare Beyonce’s Diva song to Keyshia, but Keyshia is the one that I continously hear about her diva antics at several performances and shows. I think that turned me off of her a little as well.

  12. I like Keyshia Cole, I just wasn’t feeling this album at all. I have her previous two and I like the both. I did not purchase this album either.

  13. I bought Keyshia’s CD and I love it! Her vocals are better…you can hear the growth. I think the “diva” antics were just her needing to grow up and brush off the old “hood” mentality. She’s a beautiful young lady and she seems very humble. Unlike she who shall remain nameless in this comment!

  14. Keyshia is tops right now, :bowdown: (hands down)!!! There are few out there who can touch her vocals and though her tv show is ghetto it is a great marketing tool for her (apparently)!!! I have all of her albums and I will be buying the new one soon. I have listened to a few of the tracks off the new album and I don’t think it is as good as the last two, but even Mary had a bum album or two and she is still ICON!!!

  15. I would like to go out & support Keyshia, but I have heard too many mixed reviews of the album. Just lookin @ some of the post up top proves that. I listen to the samples of the album when it was released & I am still kinda suspect of puttin my money on it. Although I really do like the song she did w/ Monica. But in other regards I like Keyshia & I think that she is very pretty. I have her last album & “Heaven Sent” is my my jam( it’s just so relaxing). No she is not a Whitney or Mariah, J Hud or J Sullivan, but it is just sumthin about her that I like. I am still in debate about this latest project of hers, but I do wish her much success … as much as that girl has gone thru w/ her family she deserves sumthin.

  16. I’m not a huge fan of Keyshia’s, but I am impressed that her label followed through on their promised release date. Ciara may have had a solid first week as well, had her people not panicked just because “Go Girl” wasn’t a huge hit.

    This really shows that when you have faith, you reap all kinds of rewards. Go Keyshia! Maybe this will serve as an example to other labels/artists – if you set a release date, stick to it and worry about the rest later. Multiple pushbacks will only hurt your business.

  17. I have not listened to the entire album. My friend turned me on to one song on the album called “This Is Us” I love that song. It reminds me of the love of my life! 🙂 :thumbsup:

  18. if you’re a huge fan of an artist you have to pay attention to record sales, cause if they dont sell atleast half a million within a year it’s more than likely the record labels will forget about them. 🙂

  19. The album has FEW good songs but her stylist needs to ease up on the “Marilyn Monroe” look…she starting to look a bit DRAGISH!!! Her album gets a C+ for a new sound. eegh

  20. Congrats to her! Love her new album. I’m definitely feeling it. It flows smoothly. I will always support Keyshia, so I may be a little biased.

    Monie, :iagree: . Keyshia sticks with her R&B roots. She doesn’t try to crossover. If her music touches people (black, white, etc), she will become a crossover automatically. Look at MJB. She didn’t “try” to crossover. She went about doing her by performing the music she loves and now she’s recognized and respected by so many people (black, white, etc).

  21. @Renae …Hunnie how can you say she’s not trying to cross over?? She has been acting real stuck up lately, and her TRYING so hard to be sexy is not working for her. Her album is cool but it lacks the strongness we know Keyshia for to ME she’s trying to look like something she’s not. And I have a plethora of White friends that say to them keysia is a hurt black women that cant get over a break-up. Jamie Foxx’s CD was hotter!!

  22. @ Blame it On the Rain:
    I love the track with Monica as well, but Monica vocals outshined Keyshia’s. :brownsista:

    @ Man Down
    I love Jamie’s cd! I did support him and Anthony Hamilton(they all were released the same day). :brownsista:

    I only liked 3 songs….Trust(Monica did it for me), You Complete Me(current single), and This Is Us

  23. @ Man Down,

    Keyshia’s been acting “STUCK UP”??? WTF is that supposed to mean? 😆 And because your “white” friends say she’s a “black woman who can’t get over a break-up”, WTF? What in the WORLD are you trying to say? And because they (your YT friends) say it, it’s the gospel truth? Come on back over to the Black side…me and Keyshia be right here waiting on you to explain yourself. 😆 Stuck UP? Do you KNOW her to know that her ‘acting’ has changed? 😆 @ your entire comment. SMH too.

  24. Keyshia ‘s voice is simply beautiful but that image of her :noway: Its been over done.

  25. @Lola

    Yea Monica is what REALLY sold me on that particular song as well.. speaking of Monica when is her album going to FINALLY come out?

    As for the Jamie Foxx cd, I ‘ve heard it & was NOT impressed…Only song that did something for me was “Just Like Me”. Glad I didn’t put my money on it. However, I did pick up Musiq Soulchild & Anthony Hamilton… & I just Loves, loves, loves them lol.

  26. @ Kanyade

    I think Man Down is referring to numerous reports of Keyshia diva antics and bad attitude before/during performances. I mentioned it in my comment. Now I have no idea what her white friends statment has to do about anything.

    @ Blame It On the Rain

    Monica’s cd is supposed to be out first quarter of next year :brownsista:

  27. Keyshia use to have a bad attitude. However, she is changing it. I’m really happy for her because to be honest I didn’t think Keyshia would last long in the game but she proved me wrong. Congratulations Keyshia!

  28. Use to?….she was just here in the summer for a concert and bad reports surfaced. I’ve read and heard several stories from just this year alone.

  29. Kanyade, thank you for holding me down while I was away. :brownsista:

    Man Down…HUNNIE, Keyshia is evolving like an artist should. That’s why she doesn’t sound the same as her previous albums. Her vocals are maturing and so is her music. She’s on another level right now. If you and your white friends don’t like it, so be it, but don’t make assumptions about people you don’t know and don’t use your white friends as your only back up when making a comment.

    You didn’t see any offense in them saying that Keyshia is a “hurt black woman who can’t get over a break up” ? I do. What does that say about you? I don’t walk around and use color in a sentence when speaking about someone who is widely known. That’s like me walking around saying, “Pink is a white woman who’s having a hard time getting over her divorce.” I’ll sound like a fool and people will look at me like I’m crazy because its so unnecessary to use the word “white” in the sentence. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see your white friends tried to “make a point” when they used it and they punked you in the process (because you let it slide).

  30. i personally think she is trying to “crossover”. i mean what happened to the kool-aid red and orange haired ghetto girl that sung with and raw emotion. She defintitely looks “mixed” now, with the extra light foundation and bone straight hair. I still like keysh, but i can’t imagine the look they are going to go for on the next album. the fact that she is best buds with paris hilton doesn’t help either. I honestly though she was gonna stay true to her roots, but i guess money will change you weather you like it or not

  31. whoever said she aint trying to cross over need to have another listen to a few of those tracks and her latest photo shoots

  32. As a whole I didn’t care for this CD either, the happiness seems generic, and her vocals were flatter than usual for most of the CD, I wish she wouldn’t have changed so drastically, this isn’ t what I’m used to from Keyshia, it damn sure is a different her.

  33. :iagree:
    I definately agree with everyone saying shes trying to crossover. Keyshia has been black for the past few years, but something tells me by the next album, she will be mixed or half black or something.
    If Keyshia wants to be successful crossing over, she needs to can the show, it’s good for her now, with her fanbase, but it can hurt her later in the career. Keysh:
    “If you want to grow, end the show”.

  34. KC you go girl…Yes your new CD is a little different…Guess what? I like it…I bought all your music and will continue…The hell with the haters…As long as you have GOD on your side..YOU WILL MAKE IT…one thing I love about you is that you have a HEART….Your not a selfish person and you will go far…
    LOVE YA!

  35. Come on now folks & let’s keep it real… Keyshia may TRY ( which I can’t see) to do a crossover, but I don’t see it being too successful due to the family that she supports. It’s too late now the world knows about the crack addicted mother, the sister who had threesomes w/ the hubsand & the last child that she had w/ the dude that acts like he has some serious issues, & the overall rough childhood she had. There is NOTHING wrong w/ tryin to better yourself, but when you come from a background like that your best bet is to stay humble. I like many of you heard many reports w/ Keyshia tryin to the pull the diva move, but obviously someone told her where to go, how to go , & when to get there( reminding her of where she has come from & that if she continues down that destructive path she’ll go back)… & she decided to better herself.

    Keyshia is REAL ppl w/ REAL problems… that is the great appeal that she has w/ her audience. She is the avg chic that you see @ the grocery store or @ the hair shop. She is the chic that your cousins go hang out with. She is the girl that sits next to your cubicle @ work… dangit she is REAL. Yea she is tryin to do new stuff w/ this album, but maybe it’s b/c her creativity is taking a new turn. Her look has change, but maybe it is b/c she sees how truly pretty she is now inside & out… come on now, dealing w/ what she has you can’t tell me that the girl didn’t have pyschological issues. Keyshia can try to cross all she wants but mainstream Hollywood can’t handle the REAL ppl in this country or world. That’s why they run to all these other lil ppl who can sell America & the world the lies of how ppl supposedly live. Keyshia knows where she stands & I think she’s just tryin to do her, instead of the “crossover” deal.

    P.S. Paris Hilton tries to buddy up w/ anyone that may have a lil popularity( hence Keyshia being on top due to the show) @ the moment ( Paris is a publicity hog). When Paris invites Keyshia to go to the islands w/ her & takes Neffe & Frankie along… then I’ll be a believer. :brownsista:

  36. Nope. LOL. I agree, she is trying to crossover. Her label wants her to crossover and she is trying to make music to appeal to doing that. People don’t know how record labels work and how they are subtle in going to different demographics in order to get the sales they want and keep the fan base of the artist they are marketing. KC is mainstream. Urban, yes. But Mainstream definitely and her “displaying her problems” on wax is part of that. It is still good stuff but it is what it is. She does make good music inspite of everything I said, I always give her that.

  37. @ Curtis
    I totally agree. Her label is 100% behind it, and that’s why the “happiness” seems so fake, the transistion just wasn’t smooth. The only people that bought the album was faithful watchers of the show, not new fans. That show was the only promotion behind this CD.

  38. I’m sorry but I don’t see the fascination with Keyshia Cole or her music… her live vocals are not that great and I too at once said all that “my man did me wrong” whinning ass music gets annoying after a while… people give her so much credit for being “so hood and real” but damn when does that shit get to be just too much..for example her show…. people really think that is a good look? Yeah she has real problems like us but damn come on have some class thats is some of the most stereo-typical ghetto shit I have ever seen and the sad thing is we most of black young women applaud that shit but I mean thats what people love so I guess she’s supplying the demand ….Then like previously stated she suppose to be so “real , so hood” but wanna play the Diva role I mean which one is it… But making money is everything to many, no matter the cost obviously , and I’m sure she will continue to do so…..

  39. To Lil mama c4…stop being so NEGATIVE…I mean you had nothing to say but NEGATIVITY….STOP THE HATE..GOD said in his word…TOUCH NOT MY ANOINTING AND DO MY PROPHETS NO HARM…KC keep up the good work….God definetly has an ANOITING ON YOUR LIFE….WATCH OUT FOR THE HATERS…

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