Keyshia Cole Scores Prince for New Album

KEYSHIA COLE TO WORK WITH PRINCE ON NEW INDEPENDENT ALBUMWhile the internet was busy clowning Keyshia Cole for plugging her upcoming album at the BET Awards, it appears the singer may get the last laugh when the public discovers some of the talent going independent has afforded her the opportunity to work with.

According to well placed sources (the same ones who told us Keyshia was going independent back in February) Keyshia is set to team up with the Purple One himself: Prince, who had previously told the singer he would collaborate with her so long as she was not signed to a traditional label.

And while we doubt Keyshia went independent just to score a collabo with Prince, you gotta admit, it’s a pretty nice perk. Despite the Purple One no longer setting the charts on fire like he used to, Prince still puts out some pretty amazing music- and Keyshia could only benefit from his years of experience as a singer, songwriter and producer.

Keyshia is reportedly still in the studio recording, and recently told fans via Twitter she had no idea what direction the process would take, and that she was simply letting the music lead her.

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  1. The label isn’t the problem. Her music hasn’t been good in a while now. A lot of generic sounding stuff. Going independent won’t change that.

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