Keyshia Cole Shaves Her Head Too

Singer Keyshia Cole will be debuting a new look in her next photo shoot. Add the singer’s name to the growing list of sistas shaving their hair off. Cassie started the trend about a month ago and since then Rihanna, Lala Vasquez and Solange Knowles have all jumped on the bandwagon. Up next is Miss Keyshia, who adds a bit of a twist to her look. The singer appears to have a mohawk on one side and several read colored stars.

Leave it to Keyshia to take shaved head look and add a touch of ghetto fabulousness to it.

So what do you guys think; are you loving Keyshia’s (obviously temporary) new do?

Image Removed By Request


  1. *sigh*
    You would think she’d {or her ppl} know better than to do something so obviously mimicking so many other female celebs/singers at the moment. 😐

  2. Okay, now this has got to stop. Solange skinned her head and she looks beautiful. Amber’s cut fits her face, but this madness has got to stop. I’m sicking of seeing it. We all know what’s next, now all the regular chicks will do this, except for me. Call me crazy, but she looks kind of like Fantasia from that side view.

  3. I never thought Keyshia would get into this crazy hollywood foolishness.

    @NNE you are right, it’s all mimicking, what happened to being somewhat original. Keyshia is copying a jumpoff and someone who can’t sell records, why?

  4. Booooooo I wanna see the picture. I hate when people follow what’s hot and don’t just do w/e they think is cute on their own instead of trying to look IN or w/e. Guess I’ll google the pic.

  5. Love her music but never thought she would jump on the bandwagon. This needs to be over. Whose next to do it??

  6. to be honest her style is fly ON HER

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