Keyshia Cole Signs to Epic Records


Rumor Control: Keyshia Cole Signs to Epic Records

Despite previously vowing to release her new album independently, it appears singer Keyshia Cole may be having a change of heart. Thanks to a recently posted image to her Instagram account, word around the water cooler has the singer either signed to Epic Records, or in the process of doing so.


“Awesome meeting with Mr. @LA_Reid,” the caption read. “Spent a few weeks getting the music right and tight. Happy to know everyone is feeling it.”

Keyshia previously floated the idea of re-signing to a major label late last year when she posted this gem to her Facebook page: “I really felt independence was the best route, but clearly that is not in God’s plan for me right now.” Keyshia went on to tell fans she’s assembled a new team that wants her to “win,” and with renewed support she plans to create the best music of her career.

Keyshia severed ties with her previous label (Interscope) in 2015. Since then she’s re-hired her former manager, Manny Halley, and reportedly recorded new tunes featuring London on da Track and Frank Ocean.


  1. I love Keyshia and I’m a fan of hers since day one! We need her to slay again and continue to create records with substance. Her albums “The Way It Is”, “Just Like You”, “A Different Me”, and “Calling All Hearts” are my favorites. “Woman To Woman” and “Point Of No Return” didn’t really capture the audience enough. I have all six albums and I want Keyshia to take her time with this new album.

  2. We need more women in the scene just making great music. I wish Keyshia luck. She had a lot of great songs back in the day. I agree with the above poster that the last two albums didn’t have that spark. Seemed kind of lazy to me.

  3. @JBL
    Lol! I know right? But Ciara made the best decision for herself. She left because she wanted to. Now with Keyshia I expect they promote her and make sure she gets the RIGHT promotion. I’m tired of some of these labels not putting the effort to promote their artists. That’s why some artist go independent. Keyshia tried to do it but since there’s an open door for her to get signed to a major label then so be it. I really want Keyshia to slay again as I said before.

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