Keyshia Cole Starts Work On New Album

Keyshia Cole is recording a new album. According to recent tweets from the 29 year old songstress, she is accepting music from up and coming producers and has already recorded three new songs.

After seeing her latest solo effort, Calling All Hearts, fall flat with radio and listeners, Keyshia took responsibility for the failed project, saying she should have listened to her record label and not released “I Ain’t Thru” as the album’s first single.

The album’s final single “Take Me Away,” is due to be released in May. Keyshia completed the video several weeks ago, tweeting it was the happiest she had ever been while shooting a video.


  1. Why when an artists album doesn’t do as well as they’d like they rush and record another one? Greatness takes time people.

  2. I loved her album. I thought it was way better than her last one ” A Different Me”, I only liked 3 songs off the other album. I listen to Calling All Hearts straight through.

  3. Calling all hearts was a great album!!!! There is nothing wrong with recorded new music!!! She loved the calling all hearts album and was very satisfied but sometimes you want to please all your fans….the one’s that loved and the one’s that wanted something different…whichever way Keyshia your great!

  4. That album was amazing. Just hope next album has some more club bangers.

  5. I thought “I aint thru” was a great single! *shrugs* People are so iffy now a days. Preferably I don’t care to listen to sad love songs all day. I think people are trying to keep her in that box. Life goes on after being and love and being hurt! Wish her the best with the next album.

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