Keyshia Cole Topless On Vibe Magazine

Keyshia Cole Vibe Magazine Cover Singer Keyshia Cole will grace the December cover of Vibe Magazine and what a stunningly beautiful cover it is. I am so loving Keyshia’s new vibe. Her latest photo shoots are completely different from those she did when she first came out. This time around there seems to be a deliberate attempt to downplay her rough edges and instead concentrate her inner and yes, outer beauty. Just look at the cover to your right. It’s the best cover I have ever seen of Keyshia. She looks absolutely gorgeous. From hair to make-up, to styling- wait, she has no clothes on- and yet that is perfect too. However, what I love most of all is that someone was smart enough to airbrush out that tattoo on her arm, making this cover absolutely perfect.

Btw, I think it’s about time people stop calling Keyshia ugly. I was never a Keyshia Cole fan and actually knew very little about her when I started this blog. What made me start to focus on her here were all the horrible comments I read about her online. Because of that I always chose to focus on the positive aspects of this sista rather than the negative. Keyshia is a beautiful sista and not just because of the hair or make-up or airbrushing. But if we can see the beauty in all the other airbrushed beauties out there then surely we can see it in Keyshia as well. Honestly, without the adornment I always thought she was pretty, plus Keyshia has something few other women in Hollywood can claim naturally, a pair of authentic Double D Breasts (lol). Go Keyshia !

A non pop-up version of the pic and a small article from Vibe about the cover can be seen on on page 2.


  1. At first glance, she looks like Eva Pigford. I love her new style. Maybe not this photo but her style in general. She has really stepped it up to a classy young woman and diva

  2. Everyone loving Keyshia and claiming she so fine now that she has said she is biracial 🙄

  3. Keyshia is absolutely GORGEOUS. I’ve always thought she was pretty, even in the half red/half blond lacefront days. Her beauty is even more evident now that she has softened up her look AND her attitude.

    Sarai, I think you are reaching with the biracial comment. She’s completely stepped her image game up this time around and people have taken note.

  4. What is a lightskin queen? My god Black America is so doomed. I want out of this race now :bag:




  6. that is the best pic of keyshia i have ever seen. I am not a fan of her “style” hood is what i call it. I haven’t noticed any big change in her style other than a change in hair color anybody see what she wore to the hip hop awards? This pic is obviously airbrshed but it should sell some magazines.

  7. Keyshia has something few other women in Hollywood can claim naturally, a pair of authentic Double D Breasts (lol). Go Keyshia !

    That’s right I know alot of women in hollywood white or black or non-famous women wish they have DD Breasts. Unlike Keyshia they got to get boob-jobs. She’s one of the hottest women out.

  8. Keyshia is the new Mary in every way. People downed Mary and called her ugly and said she couldn’t sing either. Black women however could relate to both these women and made them stars. The kind of star that truly lasts and isn’t dependent on suburban White kids in order to stay popular. Keyshia is a star, a Black shining star and she will continue to rise. Vibe made a wise decision putting her on the cover and this issue will set like hotcakes. It is the best female issue of the year, easily topping Beyonce and Rihanna’s covers.

  9. did i say beautiful ligth skin queen ?
    i meant gorgeous LIGTH SKIN QUEEN :dance2:

  10. If I find anymore people attempting to instigate fights by posting with different usernames you will be banned. You know who you are, don’t make me call you out to everyone on this site.

  11. aint no one trying to figth and the reason why we post under different name is because two user her elive under the same roof i tried to make that clear to you in an other post

  12. A little leg here, a little leg there. A little tit here, a little tit there. A little…, well you know the rest 😎

    Oh yeah, sales this year will definitely be better :dance:

  13. Brown Sista, I couldn’t agree with you more. I have always thought Keyshia was beautiful and very unique. What she also has that most women want is the ability to do her own thing and set her own style trends while not caring what anyone else thinks of her. I posted a video on my site earlier of Keyshia performing at the Vibe Awards a few years back and she KILLED that performance. Her style and voice was just as amazing then as it is now. I want to continue to watch her grow in this industry as an artist and as a woman.

  14. and she also is vert very airbrushed! she has the body of adriana lima in that pic when she is really on the thick side. sorry. lol

  15. I don’t think her face or body airbrushed all that much. Like Brown Sista said the tat on her arm is gone but another is still there. Her face looks the same and as for her body, we don’t see enough of it to say she is airbrushed to the extreme. It seems like anytime a sista looks good we have to try and diminish them by claiming they are overly airbrushed. Keyshia look the same to me, just tidied up a bit.

  16. I don’t know….Tyra wouldn’t approve. lol

    Keyshia’s pretty in this pic, but it has no “oomph” primarily because her hands aren’t relaxed and she’s looking somewhere in space.

  17. :bowdown: I love love love Ms Cole. She is one of the few you know has kept it real and has not let Hollywood form her. I grew up listening to Mary J Blige and she has def pathed the way for the other ppl who have grown up in the ghetto make it out and not let their past define who they are now. Regardless if she is Biracial or just Black she has a pure natural talent. Color has little to do with if you can spit out notes or not. Thank God there is someone’s face on Magazine besides Beyounce.
    From a very much R/B Queen B

  18. So basically this is a cry for help because no one thinks she’s sexy. That’s about like Mary J doing it. Nobody cares, she’s not a sex symbol so she ends up looking desprete to sale records.

  19. Just because she is not rocking the hollywood weave make up and stupid speech about what race she wish she was doesnt mean she aint sexy :bag: shame on hollywood brainwashed !!!!
    i know a lot of fine man that drool over her some people need to upgrade their sens of beauty that sista is hot in every sens of the term :thumbsup:

  20. plus she doesnt go around wearing nothing ahowing her panties breast or tighs to everybody so it make it more interesting becuz people wanna see more once they see all you got you become boring cuz aint none else to see yall know what i’m talking about

  21. I agree with Angela.

    The pose is just weird looking. There’s no doubt she’s a beautiful :brownsista: but the pose, her fingers clinching at her ta-ta’s, it just looks awkward and she looks uncomfortable. I’m glad they wiped the tattoos too. This is definitely a more softer look for her. 🙂

  22. She looks good on this cover but I thought she was beautiful from the beginning even with the red/orange hair. She a very strong Black woman and sometimes that comes off as bitch-i-ness and we don’t mind that at all!

  23. :stop: Keyshia NEVER said that she is biracial. What she said was “my mom showed me a picture of an Italian man that is SUPPOSED to my daddy, and I told her I do NOT look like him”. So with her making that comment is not her saying that she is bi-racial. And by the way I am a huge KC FAN.

  24. Every since word came down from the heavens that Keyshia Cole was biracial Black people have become obsessed with her. Brain Damaged negroes who believe they are superior to non mixed Blacks because of their biracial status rushed to claim her and in the eyes of all Blacks she somehow became better than she was. Now this girl who in years past had been called ugly and ghetto is now being pushed as a sex symbol and actually called “beautiful”, a word usually reserved for lighter women who looked mixed. Keyshia is a testament to how brainwashed Blacks are and how we all, even Black women, put a higher premium on mixed women just because they are mixed. Keyshia was always pretty but unlike Beyonce and Lauren London who were and looked mixed, Keyshia didn’t and so she didn’t get any of that light skin love we usually afford to mixed looking sistas. Now that we know she is mixed however we are all in a rush to put her on a pedestal when just a few weeks ago people including those on this site were dogging her out based on her looks.

  25. Keshia is beautiful and I love her voice. I agree that she will be the next Mary J. I can totally see that. She has the same energy in her music, yet the same laid back attitude as Mary. I’d love to hear a duet with them in the future.

  26. @ Rockia,

    You talk sense, but I still look at this woman the same. Brown. LOL. And a sista. Call me crazy, but I was never one to believe or even think that Beyonce was mixed. She always looked “Black”. 😆 I know that sounds ignorant, but it’s truth. Black Woman is what I see with her…and this Lauren London lady; people thinks she’s biracial too? Hmmm. She just looks like a sista to me. :brownsista:

  27. Looks good to me……she is airbrushed, but most celeb are all the time anyway………..check them with out makeup they look like totally different people………………she looks good though……..Idon’t really see the point of her being topless either but, she is not one of those celebs that shows her body so its ok this time. go girl! :thumbsup:

  28. @ Rockia……..thats so not true……………BLACK is beautiful girl!
    I didnt even know Keshia was mixed ,Beyonce just wants to be something she is notshe annoys me anyway and people like Lauren London who is a great actress and is beautiful by the way who are mixed celebs I like them because of who they are not their race and if I don’t like them it’s because I don’t(I have my reasons), but at the end of the day your race is your race it doesn’ :stop: t matter!

  29. She looks beautiful. I thought she was pretty, even in her first and second videos. I don’t think they airbrushed her tattoo though, you can still see it on her other arm, unless she has more than that huge heart. I really like the short hair on her, it fits her well. And for the people saying she looks uncomfortable, you try holding up some double D’s, it’s not easy trust me! 😆


  31. chocolatte said, Keyshia NEVER said that she is biracial. What she said was “my mom showed me a picture of an Italian man that is SUPPOSED to my daddy, and I told her I do NOT look like him”. So with her making that comment is not her saying that she is bi-racial. And by the way I am a huge KC FAN.

    I remember that in the sister2sister magazine when she had she that. Her manager also said that he was going to get an dna sample of keyshia and her alleged father.

  32. Voice, I don’t mean any harm…But ligth & figth?!?? :confused:
    And Chocolatte, Thanks for setting the record straight! :bowdown:

  33. I agree with Rockia,

    now that it’s out that Keyshia is mixed every poster wants to mention how BEAUTIFUL she is. Like really? When everybody thought she was just black with high yellow skin nobody would think to say such a thing.

  34. i tougth she was pretty long time ago and keyshia was apreciate before even stating that she watever you say she stated so come on already !!
    keyshia aint no beyonce : she actually did build her fan base on her voice and natural bubbly personality not stupid comments bad weave and creole-latina wanna be publicity :booty:


  36. Lol @ Niambi, I had the same thoughts when I read those posts.

  37. I personally dont think Keisha is pretty- shes not by any means ugly but not pretty. This has nothing to do with her being fairer complected etc. This site seems to always be dark skin vs light skinned. I completely agree with Ofiicial Stand Up Girl -STOP with the skin wars!!!!

  38. brown sista :brownsista: give a somewhat fair atention to both light and dark skinned women if you ask me but this blog should look outside the box and update the categories… about that war btw ligh skin dark skin that war will end the day black people will stop worshipping everything that is white or close to it and the day every black women from yellow to super dark will be given a chance to shine in what she does because she is good at it not because she is most likely to become white one day
    im out :dance1:

  39. they didnt airbrush the tatoo its just on the other side :brownsista:

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