Keyshia Preps New Tour+Photo Shoot

R n’ B diva Keyshia Cole is about to release her third solo CD, A Different Me, on December 16th and finally promotion for that CD has started. Keyshia’s label I believe has been tripped up by the performance of her first single, Playa Cardz Right, which has yet to make any signifigant dent on Billboard charts. After 8 weeks in release the single sits stalled at #16 on the R n’ B charts and radio play has plummeted by 3 million impressions over the last 2 week. Naturally, a mediocre single has not made Keyshia all that in demand and thus, the singer has yet to perform her new single on any nationally syndicated show.

So what type of promotion is Keyshia undertaking? Well for starters, the singer turned up on Paris Hilton’s BFF Reality series last night. Keyshia has recently been spotted hanging with Paris’ younger sister Nicky Hilton. Not content to garner attention through gimmicks alone howver, Keyshia is also kicking off her “I Am Music Tour” starting December 14th in Miami Florida.

The singer was also named 2008’s Soul Survivor by US Weekly. Check out her photo shoot for the magazine below.

Photo Credit: Only Keyshia


  1. I wonder how this new LP will fare among the more high profile releases of the holiday season. The pack of R&B divas is quickly thinning, and only the strong – Alicia, Beyoncé, Rihanna (who’s not even really R&B) – continue to stay in business. We’ll see what happens…

  2. Her hair….. 🙁

    Her look is kinda throwback almost and Asian in the feel of the dress, but her hair……

    I wish her well with the new record :brownsista:

  3. I love Keyshia Cole but am not feeling that new song. I need to here another song.

  4. Lol @ Kanyade…Yeah, I’m not feelin the hair either. Not really feelin the whole look at all. But still love ya Keyshia! Good luck!

  5. If it wasn’t for her show/circus I wouldn’t pay her any attention. No disrespect.

  6. Did Keyshia miss Paris saying N*gger one million times while her friends laughed?
    Nikki is a horrible snob and if Keyshia is hanging with her, it would explain why she’s suddenly acting really fake on her show… Not self-improvement fake, but just fake…like she’s decided on some faux personality. That only works if you make a big production of it, a la Beyonce. To just become some new, weird person (complete with a weird new “proper” voice) is just to be a psycho…

    As for her new song, I’m surprised nobody likes it…it’s in keeping with her slow to midtempo thing…

  7. wow nicky hilton? keyshia cole…with nicky hilton??? ummm, i smell a publicity stunt brewing. hope for her success though. that just doesn’t sound right at all. lol

  8. Love Keyshia,love the song..I ctually had it fora minute,but that hairdo dont fit her. :noway:

  9. I did not like the first single at all. The Tupac card has really being played out. Keyshia last CD is soooo good. I hope she reups and waits to release this CD b/c I am going to be buying Jamie Foxx’s CD on the 16th – sorry KeyKey!

  10. There’s only one artisist that can come out with a two terrible songs and a terrible cd and get away with it. Keyshia is not the one that can do. She has to come strong because people judge her more hashly. She does not have a barbie image so people expect more from her. That single was terrible and you can’t have a really nice cd like you had the last time and come back with something like that.

  11. Why does it have to be that she is being “fake” because she begins to speak with clarity? And how is it a publicity stunt if she’s hanging out with Paris and Nicky Hilton? Some people in the African American community feel that when you are seen with someone who’s not in your ethnic group that you’re somehow ‘selling out’ or becoming ‘bourgeoisie.’ It’s honestly insane. Stop with the jealously and hatred because you are stuck in your current repetitive lifestyle, where you chill with the same lame friends (or have none at all) and open your mind to the possiblity that people in other areas of the world don’t neccessarily find it so essential to become complacent and never grow! Be happy for women like Keyshia or Beyonce who’ve managed to break through barriers and expand their brand to reach those outside of a BET audience. Think about it!

  12. Keyshia has always had a very snobby attitude but I don’t think that it was just Nikki and Paris influencing her lol. Anyways yeah the Tupac song she has out is very boring. However, Keyshia is looking fab these days. No more kool-aid red hair.

  13. I love me some Keyshia, but this hair style :thumbsdown:

    I’m not really feeling her latest song, so I don’t know about this CD. Her last debut single had me running to get it. I need to hear more in order for me to get it.

    Keyshia Cole hanging with Nikki Hilton (in Scooby’s voice) hmmm?

  14. excuse thomas if you were referring to me in anyway, yes i do think it is a publicity stunt, and if you have ever watched her show you would too. she is hood to the core, and so is her family. there is nothing wrong with that, but it is the truth. now i’m am not talking about how she speaks, there is nothing wrong with improving your speech especially being interviewed by the media all the time, but nicky and paris?? i mean, paris did say the n word a lot of times, i’d be damned if i associated myself with someone like that. it’s all kind of out of the blue, i mean she is seriously a street chick, total opposite of those too. that’s why it seems like a publicity stunt, a way to lure in more white listeners for her music, because we all know keyshia is strictly and r&b audience. nothing wrong with changing the image, but it is what it is

  15. i always cheer for this girl but i dont know if i can do it any longer and she is about to lose a fan…i dont know why but i always knew i would get over her quick…its like why was that play your cards right a single? it sounds like something from her first album…i mean every song she has released sounds like her first album i see no change at all. i am all for artist keeping their signature because thats what distinguishes them from the rest but come on girl…and im sorry i like that she is trying to change her look up but she has a little hood in her and i dont like when she is trying to be overly sexy and pretty it just dont fit her personality much the photo shoot was terrible i wouldnt even let anyone post such pictures…

    sorry if it sounds like im hating i really dont mean to im just very disappointed because i hear her pain in her voice and i want so much more from her…

  16. excuse me, the sentence before the last one was supossed say *stricly and r&b artist*. must have been doing too much at once, lol

  17. Why aren’t you guys using the new EDIT feature when you make mistakes? Is it not working for you all? Do you guys see the Edit link- lemme know so I can fix it if there is a problem. 🙂

  18. @Mario no change at all did you of all people really just say that. Name an artisist that you really like that has made any changes. They are the same boring wack a artisist. They all have the same producers and make the same kind of music. So you can’t really be looking for change because if that’s the case you definately wouldn’t like who you like.

    Get real Mario.

  19. Just because someone has made racial remarks in the past or has in someway had a misstep doesn’t mean you disassociate yourself from them. Being willing to speak with them and have an open dialogue is where change begins. What has the past two years been about when you look at our political landscape and the progress President Elect Barack Obama has made? It’s all about coming together and trying to gain a better understanding of other groups. I have watched the show, as a matter of fact it’s one of my top five shows to tune in to. I have been surrounded by people just like Keyshia’s family all my life (some of my friends being just as they are). So I understand it all-“hood, street chick” whatever. But what I feel you fail to understand is that Paris is not who she portrays herself to be in the media. She is literally playing a character and so many people continue to feed into it . Even dissing her is playing in to her brand. Paris has associated herself with many in the African-American community for years, Sean Combs being one of them. So people need to be proud that Keyshia is expanding her brand just as someone such as Paris Hilton would do. Just because you are from a particular area doesn’t mean you have to stay in that forever. Just not forgetting where you come from is the key to it all.

  20. Tomas, I think you should expand your horizons, a bit – it would probably get you a good distance from stereotypes… Often people will express dissenting opinions – and about your favorite celebrity too – and this won’t make them apathetic, envious, etc. It’s lame and clichéd.
    I said what I said because Paris Hilton spewed racial epithets in home movies, movies naturally not intended for public viewing or distribution. I don’t see why I’d be expected not to think her racist… As for her sister, she is a self-professed snob, who has gone on and on about her esoteric tastes and interests in interviews; and while that doesn’t make her a racist, it definitely makes her elitist. Keyshia, sans celebrity, couldn’t get near her radar.

  21. bria please get off my nutts…why do you follow me? i stated my opinion and if you are referring to beyonce i think she does change i dont think anything on her new album sounds anything like her dangerously in love album and thats my opinion like i said i love keyshia so why are you on my back? go away

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