New Music from Keyshia Cole

Interscope Records has officially unveiled “Trust and Believe,” the second single to be released from Keyshia Cole’s upcoming “Woman to Woman” album, due out later this year.

Keyshia actually performed this song live at this year’s Essence Music Festival, but I believe it has since been taken offline.

Whatever case, this joint isn’t much different from “Enough of No Love” and appears to give Keyshia’s “Niggas ain’t shit” fanbase more of what they say they want.


  1. @love so true… Itzs soo annoying I can hardly like the dam song!! Lolol… But Itzs a nice track!!

  2. Keyshia really doesn’t understand why her last two albums failed and now foolishly she is letting a few fans on Twitter decide what direction she takes with her music.

    How will Keyshia grow and evolve as an artist if she keeps allowing her man hating fans to dictate what she sings about?

    These ‘boo hoo hoo I chose the wrong man and now I’m living in a trailer with six kids’ songs aren’t even good. Keyshia better step up her musical game before the next chick come along and take her place.

  3. I’m getting tired of these dysfunctional hood relationships that went wrong songs. Those songs worked good with Mary J. Blige for a while but then it got tired over the years and Mary is not having those hits like she use too. I hate Ashanti new song featuring R.Kelly and Keyshia Cole new songs as well.Alicia Keys new song “Girl on Fire” I like the lyrics and the beat to the song but Alicia Keys can’t sing.

  4. i guess i may fall in line with the general consensus up in here and say i’m tired of the wack biz keyshia got going on. she can sing. that is a fact but when she went all bougie/bourgeois chasing the pop scene and cosigning the wackness that is the new crop of rappers/producers that we are sadly stuck with nowadays she turned down the wrong road. she doesn’t have song writers that cater to her sound her senses and she needs to draw from her real life to produce songs that are worthy of my measly bucks. she shouldn’t let her “bitter-asz-i-was-born-on-and-i’m-finna-die-on-twitter” fans dictate anything to her. she is the artist. she’s not using her power and placement right.

    she easily could do better than this. that’s what makes it so bad.

  5. typical…

    even Mary’s songs grew with her life in a successful way.

  6. The song is nice. Her voice is amazing! However, her interviewing skills are atrocious!! She keeps saying her fans want miserable music and her fans this and her fans that! As a woman of CHRIST in which she demonstrates all the time! Uplift! Empower! Inspire! Motivate!

  7. Only Keisha knows how to make a pair of Chanel earrings look gutta. lol!

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