Keyshia Cole Unveils New Album Cover


With her “Point of No Return” album set for a late summer/early fall release, singer Keyshia Cole finally took to her Instagram page to unveil the album’s cover.

Via Twitter, Keyshia said she often feels alone and that the cover (showing her leaning on a parked car alongside a deserted highway) is a visual interpretation of where her life is personally and professionally.

Since the release of her 2012 album “Woman to Woman,” Cole has separated from her husband Daniel Gibson, and come under intense media scrutiny for her comments about fellow singers.

Despite these pitfalls and setbacks, Keyshia says music is her life and she does it for her “real fans who know what the struggle is.”

Keyshia is presently trekking across country via her new tour, and is expected to return to the air next year with another self-produced reality show.

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  1. I’m loving this album cover. As one of Keyshia’s “real fans”, I will be picking up my copy of “Point of No Return”. It will be interesting to hear her offerings this time around. The one thing you can’t take away from KC is that her albums have always been solid. You can’t say the same for others… Hopefully Keyshia keeps her head up!

  2. I like the cover too, but who writes and produces for Keyshia these days? She hasn’t put out a decent single in years.

  3. I like the cover and Keyshia. Will buy the album cause I am a fan. People go through things that’s life. I wonder why she don’t put on facade and make club happy music any more? I don’t like that she is so vulnerable people don’t always respect that and will kick you while you’re down. Sometimes fake it til you make it works.

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