Keyshia Cole Unveils Two New Videos


Singer Keyshia Cole has just unveiled two new videos via VEVO.

The first, the visual for the singer’s “New Nu” single, taken from her 2014 album “Point of No Return” features Keyshia and friends donning military gear for a bit of paintball fun. Keyshia posted behind-the-scenes pics from this shoot a few weeks back, calling it the most fun she’d had shooting a video.

The second video is for a single called “Do That For (B.A.B)” which isn’t featured on “Point of No Return.” I hit Keyshia’s Twitter page and noticed she tagged the video/single #OffTheNewAlbum, which may mean the Oakland native has plans to release a new album this year.

Interestingly enough, a visit to Keyshia’s Wikipedia page does indeed list an as yet untitled album set for release sometime this year.

Whatever the case, with a new album, new tour and new reality show on the horizon, Keyshia’s New Year appears to already be booked solid.


  1. Bad. Just bad. Her videos appear to be thrown together with no direction at all. They just turn on the camera and she starts moving. Only things worse than the videos are the songs. Keyshia needs a team to retool her career and image.

  2. Paintball is fun. Lots of bass in each song. I agree with Dana, an image overhaul needs to take place.

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