Keyshia Cole Vibe Magazine Scans+Excerpts

Keyshia Cole R n’ B diva Keyshia Cole and her mother Frankie are featured on Vibe Magazine’s March 2009 cover- which also happens to be their first ever “Style Edition”. Keyshia of course talked about her drastic change in appearance since she first hit the scene back in 2004, and like Mary J. Blige years before her- hopes her fans will accept not only the more glamorous version of herself, but the more mature version as well.

“The old Keyshia is still here, but I have to challenge myself to grow, and I do that on a personal level, with the “Keyshia Cole” thing going on – the artist Keyshia Cole. I still have to grow and still have to live every day. I have to grow and still have to live every day. I have to be happy with myself. I love my fans, love everybody who recognized me for who I was in the beginning and who I am now, but it’s still a change that’s necessary. Every day I learn, and I get better as I go.”

Click here to read more excerpts and images from the issue can be seen below.

Photos courtesy of Only Keyshia.


  1. :brownsista: I love that Keyshia is recognizing that change is needed to survive in this world. So people dont get that and its good to see her growth. She gets more beautiful, wise, and stronger with every album. Much love to Ms. Cole Do the Damn thang Sista!!

  2. I love the side-view face shot. That should’ve been the cover. Also loving the black and white shots. They should’ve done a series of these. I wish her the best of luck, as well.


  3. Girl is just too GHETTO!!!!!!

    Fancy clothes don’t make any difference.

  4. :stop: DarkSisita,

    what is wrong with ghetto? does she remind you too much of yourself? :brownsista:
    would you rather Keyshia slay 20 horses for blonde weave, lighten her skin for a European appeal? would that make her comfortable in your eyes?

    “ghetto” works for Keyshia. She’s not running from her roots, at least not yet. So why don’t you let her take her time.

  5. @Darksista: What does that even mean. What makes a person so ghetto. She always carries herself like a young lady. You have never heard about her getting out of order. Even on her show she is never the one cussing and acting like a fool. She is just being her. She is a beautiful young lady who came through some horrific things and has made something of herself. Who is worthy of a congratulation now a days. We put certain people on a pedastal even though they do the same thing that strippers do in a clud in public, but, this person we call ghetto. Get over yourself.

  6. Keyshia class wise is definitely trying to improve herself and I say more power to her. What is wrong with trying to improve one’s self? When I listen to Keyshia now she sounds like she has had speech lessons, etiquette class and probably a few other things. She had her teeth fixed, even though I thought they looked fine, but if it makes her feel good then she has my blessings. People called her names when she was uncouth and now they still calling her names, even though she is trying to change herself. You just can’t please everyone so don’t even try. Just please yourself and call it a day.

  7. I’m loving the new image of Keyshia! I’m so happy the orange and red hair is gone!

  8. I feel that it is a blessing when we can see that our lives need progression and rise to the occassion. Keisha Cole is rising to meet her own personal destiny who are we to judge her? In truth we should all take inventory of the missing and broken places in our own lives and try to restore and repair. I loved taking that journey with Mary J Blidge and watching her grow. Now it’s Keisha’s turn and I applaud and commend her efforts. :thumbsup:

  9. keysha coles cd is trash she cannot sing as well as people say she can :lol2: :lol2:

  10. Keyshia Cole is a great artist. I have 2 of her CDs and I am about to buy the new one. I love this new track-“you complete me”-it is great. She has done alot for her family and I commend her for that. Change takes time, getting to a better place takes time. I just pray that her better place includes God and peace. Peoples opinions of you will always exist (positive/negative) its our job to see pass them and live our best.

  11. hate the picture with her and her mom sitting together it was circulated last week. keyshia needs to stop taking care of her entire family and look after herself…or she’ll end up broke like a lot of other artists.

  12. Keyshia Cole use to be ghetto lol. She use to be the hostile girl with an attitude in her interviews. DJ’s complained about how stank her attitude was. However, I’m glad to hear her grow and improve on her image and her attitude because she was about to lose fans over it lol. I think Keyshia is being herself but she is a new and improved Keyshia Cole and I’m so happy for her 🙂

  13. What is wrong taking care of her family. I do not get some of you people.

  14. Love Keyshia, Love Frankie (no matter what) If Keyshia is ghetto, what does that make Amy Winehouse, Lindsey Lohan, Britany Spears, Paris Hilton, and all those other ones who don’t know how to act? just curious. we need to stop labeling each other, we have THEM to do that for us.

  15. Loveroflife
    What does ghetto got to do with it? See that’ s why almost all the sisters in the light right now are fake and phony, and unless you’ re trying real hard we can’ t connect with them, keyshia was not ghetto at all, she just had sass, black women have sass ain’ t none wrong with it! all the sister in the spotlight tried so hard “not to be ghetto” that everything that comes out of their mouths beside hello sound dumb and rehearsed speak from your heart if someone said something about you speak on it, you can’ t beat who u are down for hollywood because the day your true colors shine through people won’ t forgive you! chris brown anyone?

  16. Some artist wish they could exhibit the amount of growth this young lady has shown, in both her career and in her personal life…all the while, being vunerable by having herself and her family in front of cameras. How many of you would be brave enough to be that transparent in your everyday lives? Mo’star they still don’t get it…

  17. damn, too many haters on one subject. and i agree with the person who said stop with aa the labels. aint nuthin wrong with ghetto, as long as you know yourself.. shit i can be ghetto but when i go to work i tone it down. does that make me fake. maybe i just know how to act. keyshia knows how to be a lady, but you never know….

  18. hey keysha i am a big fan of yours ig u get dis writer me on mi myspace plz i need 2 talk 2 you

  19. Black women have sass and attitude is such a stereotype. Not all black women are like that. Sorry, someone said that earlier on. Plus, keyshia was ghetto, now she has more class and it’s refreshing, and she still has the old her, which is also cool, meaning she is transforming. By the way, keyshia live is really terrible, love her on cd, but i’d rather bath with pythons than listen to her live.

    Off topic, its amazing how people go on about how other artists, eg solange and them are so wrong and ghetto, yet no one defends them, but when it comes miss 20 000 tattoos, it is a crime.

  20. @ Voice

    There is a difference between having sass and having a flat out attitude. Whitney Houston has sass, Phyllis Hyman had sass, Jill Scott has sass, and my favorite ever so diva miss Diahann Carroll and Lena Horne had sass. Keyshia had a flat out bad attitude when she first came out onto the scene. I remember Doug Banks complaining about how bad her attitude was. I remember when I was listening to a Baltimore radio station via internet of a Keyshia Cole interview and her attitude was so stank. The DJ who was a fan of hers, had to call her out on her attitude. That’s not sass that’s being a douchebag lol. However, I’m glad she later apologized but she know that that could’ve done some damage to her career. So she basically had no choice. Now as far as people stereotyping her, no one has done that but her reinforcing a black woman stereotype. She did that to herself. However, I think Keyshia looked back and saw that and did some changes. I knew where her attitudes were coming from. It came from her being hurt and she used that as a defense mechanism. However, she had to let it go and improve or else if her attitude got too way out of hand, it would be hard for her to further her career. I think Keyshia is the same ol’ Keyshia keeping it real, but she knew she couldn’t be the same way forever because she has too many things going for her and i’m so happy for her.


    “i can be ghetto but when i go to work i tone it down. does that make me fake. maybe i just know how to act. keyshia knows how to be a lady, but you never know….”

    Exactly when you are in a certain situations there were times you would act on it however with keyshia she didn’t at first and she knows now.


    “Off topic, its amazing how people go on about how other artists, eg solange and them are so wrong and ghetto, yet no one defends them, but when it comes miss 20 000 tattoos, it is a crime.”

    you know you might be right lol.

  21. I applaud Ms. Cole for growing and evolving as any young lady should. I think she did have a very poor attitude, but as Loveroflife mentioned above, it was most likely due to her past hurts; now she is learning how to move beyond that and perhaps her new appearance is an outward sign of an inward change.

    I grew up and along with 411 Mary J. all the way to Grown Woman Mary J. and I love her for it. I think the younger generation needs to see the same type of progression and Keisha may be that model for them.

    Best wishes to her as she continues on her journey.


  22. atleast she has real talent unlike solange….i’m a keisha fan but i dnt feel her anymore,i only enjoy her videos because they are so effortlessly beautiful and her new image is on point….i dnt want to judge too much but i dnt find anything new in her latest album it feels like a continuation of leftovers…..her new image is fun and classy but i need more than that,we all know that an image can be staged to sell more music.

  23. lover of life
    whitney houston was ghetto as hell fyi, second i’ ll take a ghetto sister, over a phony one that always give back handed compliments, or make slick remarks to hate on someone else

  24. I love Keyshia and wish her nothing but the best. The covers look great :bowdown:

  25. @ darksista

    :lol2: now you know that crack bought the ghetto out in her. However, I see your point.

  26. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ :lol2: keyshia was not ghetto child she kept it real…and it went wrong rotfl

  27. :hater: s Exactly …… ! I say Keyshia is not ghetto as many of some may think she is. She is ghetto at heart… but more classier than you can imagine! You have to see her in person… to actually get the sense. :iagree: Keyshia is a great artist…. and love her music…. i mean every artists has their (bad*] times… within the music biz.; but knowin keyshia She is the realest of ’em all…. i applaud and give her all my love and support.

  28. @JanetPLEASE!!!

    For the record, I will defend Any sista, because we don’t defend each other enough, It dosen’t matter who it is. I don’t favor one celebrity over the other because I don’t know them personally. please read my post or make sure you can prove I defend one artist over another before you make statements like that. Now I remember why I don’t comment on here anymore. SMH

  29. I’m all for the new glamour thing, she’s looking great. But honestly, I don’t love the direction her music is going. I know she can’t be mad with men forever, but this cd just wasn’t as hot as the other two. And to whoever said that profile should’ve been the cover, I agree. I like the cover and all, but every other picture she took would’ve made a better cover, shame on vibe.

  30. I like the sound of Keyshia’s voice. It’s good that’s she’s improving her attitude and all. If only she’d get rid of those tattoos.

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