Keyshia Cole “You Complete Me” Video



  1. She looks pretty, but vid is blah! Perhaps it would’ve been better if she was playing the bride. Nice song

  2. She look really good. I like the video just showing us how to love each other.

  3. Great vid, she looks really pretty. However, it would’ve been better if she played the bride. Keep up the good work, Keyshia!!!

  4. She looks good & I see she brought some of her fam in the video… it was a good look, but I woulda have liked to see her as the bride.

  5. Beautiful artist. Nice video. Just which she would invest in a thesaurus or a creative writing class or read some good fiction so that she may find new words to express the way she feels. The phrase “holding me down” should be retired from American slang. LOL

  6. I really adore this woman. Maybe I’m still on a high from the inauguration, and just overall excited for black leadership in general, but I really do feel as though this is going to be the start of many years where black people can appreciate themselves and each other. Keyshia looks happy, healthy, and confident in this video. I dig it!

  7. Man, I feel this girl all day…everyday! She is so deep, inspiring, beautiful…and real. This song and video is a great reflection of her inner/outer beauty. Her expression of herself…feelings…thoughts…is a person from rags to riches. She’s not trying to impress anybody.

    Love you K. Coles!!!! Muwah!

  8. Like the beat and song. But her voice, not so much. The bride who happens to be dark is lovely! Keyisha is not that pretty, don’t let the makeup and lighting fool you. but i think she is trying to be more commercial…

  9. I love this song and the video. Keyshia Cole is really growing and maturing and I love being able to watch her in the making. I love this song and she looks fab. in the video.

  10. Keshia looks really pretty with the red hat and scarf and the bride is lovely, the video is average. I guess the song is for a certain generation.

  11. she lame video lame what up wit the snow suit everybody need to get a second look cause yall lame if yall think she so pretty stop giving this girl prop because of her skin color that what it got to be why is she posing with that suit on i see why jeezy didnt wont that she look chidish

  12. stop hating and let her do her you are so funny and remeber what she said she love her haters

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