Keyshia Cole’s CD Cover Revealed

Rihanna isn’t the only chick unveiling CD Covers today. Keyshia Cole has stepped into the mix as well, unveiling not only the cover for her upcoming ‘Woman to Woman’ album, but also for her new single ‘Trust and Believe.’

I can’t be 100% sure but I am about 89% sure that these images are shot by photographer, turned video director, D. Blanks. I recall a tweet from Keyshia a few weeks back saying she was on her way to Atlanta to shoot the cover with Blanks.

At any rate, the cover is really eye-catching… Keyshia’s most defining to date.

The single cover, not so much… too distant. A close-up more personal shot would have been better.


  1. Hmm, not sure how I feel about the cover. I want to like it, but then I don’t.

  2. Now this I like! The album cover. It channels her woman to woman title, so I love it. I haven’t been than into Keisha’s music since her second album but I wish her luck! The show was a bit boring to me though. Hope it helps out but for some reason I don’t think it will.

  3. I love the single cover, that’s hot, love the makeup too! The album cover doesn’t quite make the impression, it is too far away…I don’t know, but something is missing for Keyshia’s formula that made her a breakout star?

    I just think she has exactly what she wants, especially, after all of her family drama! Her husband seems sooooo in her corner and they share a beautiful child. She’s wealthy with her own loot, can bankroll her own projects, currently moving up on the charts. She has it all!

  4. I like the masks. The rain-drenched image isn’t bad but i’ll agree that it’s too far away. pretty lady.

  5. That cover is plain SILLY….the End!!

  6. I love keisha cole so much she really help me with relationships issues. She will always be my favorite gal an i thank god for her. God bless u keisha an your family!!!! Alicia keys rihanna an beyonce my favorite gals an i love all four of them the same!!! Have a bless nite evrybody i will.

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