Keyshia Cole’s Let It Go Video

R n’ B diva, Keyshia Cole, released the video for her first single, Let It Go, from her long awaited sophomore album, Just Like You, last night on BET’s Access Granted. The video, directed by Benny Boom, features cameos from the track’s producer, Missy Elliott, rapper Lil Kim and New York DJ, Angie Martinez. Let It Go was released to radio stations four weeks ago and presently sits at #17 on the R n’ B charts. Click over to the next page to check it out for yourself and don’t forget to participate in our poll question of the day.

Video Removed By Request

In other quick KC news, a newly issued press release claims Keyshia will also be appearing in an MTV produced film called The Way She Moves. That would make two movies in which Keyshia is rumored to be starring in soon.

Poll Question Of The Day


  1. Nothing special. I have seen it once and nothing about it makes me want to see it again. I still like the song though.

  2. I finally see the K. Cole star power everyone else sees, i’m thinking about how i felt about Mary back in the day.Mary was ignorant as hell-but sung, with heartfelt emotion
    this video reminds me of a mary and puffy joint
    Kim you are NOT sexy :bag:

  3. I saw the making of the video too and thought she really needs to take public speaking lessons because her grammar is so poor. Hopefully like Mary she will grow out of it and learn to project a more positive image when the cameras are on her.

  4. Nice remake…

    I looooove Keyshia’s raspy voice. But, I cringe when I hear her try to speak english.

    Missy sounds a lot like Diddy on this track. without the visuals, I thought it was him…

  5. Poor Keyshia is just a product of the inner city school system.

  6. i love it dat was dope!!! aint nothin wrong wit ha speech cuz she a real g 4 life!! and da video makes it betta ! im out kick rocks :dance:

  7. The video was alright. I think that they should’ve had the video going along with the lyrics though.

  8. Not feeling the video but I’m still loving the song.

    I agree, Keyshia reminds me of a young Mary J. with her soulful voice and street style. Missy looks good – very good. But her hair and makeup brings to mind Ronnie from the Player’s Club. πŸ˜†

  9. I agree Medame Zenobia,

    I was ok. Nothing special! I’m so dissapointed in videos these days.

  10. Song is hott, the video was nice but I’m sure we expected something more creative.

  11. ok I have to put a damper on things….are you telling me that no one has noticed that she is singing off key the entire song! I mean really? I love my black people but she is off the entire song and worst off Missy let her sing it like that and she knows better. Her add libs were in a totally diffrent key than the song. See this is why the music industry is going to hell in a hand basket because we will let them sell us anything.

  12. I like the song. but why is it that girls want to do the same thing that guys do in their videos like rolling in their nice vehicles. that to me is more of a guy thing. :brownsista:

  13. And not to beat a dead horse but for those that are tired of Ms. Beyonce, look at the work that she put into her first video from B-day and this cheap average video Ms. Cole is trying to push. So what you got missy on the track..she didn’t bring any showman ship to the video. Once again another female artist bringing a knife to a gun fight and wondering why they don’t sell like her. Plus Cole’s single is water!

  14. I love keyshia and she is growing as an artisit,and she will have a better presence when she fires her hair stylist that keeps making her look like a hot mess. in this and that jeezy video where she looks like a cartoon charter

  15. :booty: With a camcorder and a computer I could have made that video for about $100. I’m so over the R&b, hiphop whatever you call it artists that are putting out this weak junk

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