Keyshia Cole’s Music Festival Performance

Keyshia Cole’s new BET reality series “Family First” officially has a premiere date of October 9th.

As previously reported, the show will chronicle the making of Keyshia’s new album “Woman to Woman,” as well as her new life as wife and mother.

Keyshia says “Family First” will be completely different than her original reality show “The Way it Is,” because it “showcases her life as a woman, rather than a little girl trying to find herself.”

Pretty powerful words. Let’s hope the show lives up to her expectations.

Above: Keyshia performing at this year’s Essence Music Festival, at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Above: Keyshia performing her new single “Enough of No Love” for the first time live.


  1. She use to be hott, now not so much…She is not a good live performer.. and the new song is crap… its K. Michelle now. oops did i say that

  2. She was never a great performer, but her songs were always good and made up for that. Now she is a dull performer and has dull songs which is a bad combo.

  3. another talentless person who keeps slipping through VIP and lands in the spotlight.

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