Keyshia Sings National Anthem + Tour News

Keyshia Cole R n’ B diva Keyshia cole performed the national anthem over the weekend at the fourth Cleveland Cavaliers/Atlanta Hawks playoff game. Though not televised live, word is Keyshia took the court of the Philips Arena and gave a very steady rendition of The Star Spangled Banner. This was most likely Keyshia’s last free performance before she hits the road for her first headlining tour. Aptly titled the “A Different Me Tour”, the spectacle kicks off this Wednesday at the Aronoff Center in Cincinnati, Ohio and features Keri Hilson, The Dream and Bobby Valentino as opening acts.

Below you can check out images from Keyshia’s performance (can’t locate video) as well as an interview Keyshia recently gave to a Cincinnati newspaper about her new tour.

Question: What can fans expect on the “A Different Me” tour?

Answer: A lot more than what I did on the Lil’ Wayne tour (in 2008). I have brand new band members, a new choreographer and new background singers that are all excellent, might I say. We have a couple of different parts to the show, which are going to be quite interesting. We’re all just trying new things so it should be fun.

Q: With hundreds of shows you’ve done since you first came on the scene, what do you enjoy the most about performing and touring?

A: The most gratifying thing for me in show business is having the ability to be intimate with fans. Singing directly to them is the most intimate thing I can do.

Q: Was there any significance as to why you picked Cincinnati as the place to kick off this new tour and live stage show?

A: You know, I wish I had a good answer for that, but actually I don’t route the tour. (laughs)

Q: Describe Keyshia Cole in your own words.

A: I’m a very altruistic person. Very giving … I can be very demanding and to the point. I just know what I want out of my life and out of my music. On the family and friends side, I’m very giving and loving.



  1. I am really happy for Keisha and won’t be able to see her, but I wish her the best.

  2. What da heck is Keyshia wearing? The shoes are the only salvageable piece of the outfit.

  3. Good for her, she is really coming into her own and seems to be having fun while doing it which is great. She does seem to really know what she wants and is going after it. I love her new song Trust w/Monica.

    On a side note Letoya Luckett also sang the National Anthem at the Houston/Lakers game the other day, any pics from that?

  4. I have a question for Stephanie. Why is it that we see the same black celebs over and over again on this site while other blogs report about other black female celebs but I can never find them here. I always read about the same people here.

  5. Does anyone know where I can find the actual video of this at? I definitely would like to see with my own eyes how she did.

  6. I love me some K.C and THE DREAM…But I cant get with Keri Hilson for the LIFE of me :thumbsdown: Anywho Keysh looks fab, I love when she wears her hair like that :thumbsup:

  7. @ COCO :iagree: ….I love the reports that Stephanie does on these artist but it would be nice to see reports on other :brownsista: like Nia Long, Syleena Johnson, Jazmin S, Alicia Keys, and Sharon Leal.


  9. I can’t believe no one mentioned Keyshia’s hair. It looks absolutely fabulous :brownsista:

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