Kiely Williams Is Spectacular

Former 3LW and Cheetah Girl member Kiely Williams is looking to make a spectacular return to the music industry as a solo artist. The 23 year old singer first turned heads last year with her single and video “Make Me A Drink.” Kiely is now taking it to the next level with her newest single “Spectacular.” On the new track Kiely can be heard coo-ing about drinking until she passes out and getting her back blown out:

“Last I remember I was face down, ass up, clothes off, broke off”

Like a lot of former child/teen stars Kiely is trying to prove that she is all grown up now. Question is- are any of you buying it?

Click here to listen to Kiely’s new song…


  1. please go away. we don’t need more of this in our music industry. didn’t she throw something at Naturi back in the day? now Naturi can sing…and she’s got dark skin. she still got you beat, girl.

  2. why am I not suprised smh…..and when Is the last time we heard about a 3lW? lol

  3. When she first started talking I was startled to say the least! Furthermore this song is garbage and she sounds bad… Her people need to go back to the drawing board this is too much and way too deliberate. Sex sells but dang…

  4. Wow. Can we sing about something other than sex? I mean…really. Cassie had a new song on another site that featured Nicki Minaj.

    It’s one thing to use sex as a source of power and “womanhood” but these young ‘starruhs’ are blowing ‘vulgar’ and ‘edgy’ through the roof with these songs. I mean, just wow…WOW. At least exercise some cool wordplay and subtlety. That’s impressive lyricism, not necessarily blatantly stating how you were “face down and arse up”.


  5. Black women’s lives aren’t valued anymore on television than they are in the real world. White love and white women being loved is what it is all about and fat mammy Shondra is just falling in line with what she knows America wants to see. She is another disgrace of a woman who could have used her power and influence to do more for her people and her gender than she has.

  6. The beat is catchy and sounds like something Dave Guetta would do with Kelly Rowland. The lyrics on the other had are beyond freaky. I am shocked she did a song so over the top. No way that will ever be played on radio. They will play it in the clubs though and people will jam to it. It is a sexy club song for adults.

  7. Ok, I didn’t even finish the d**n song. SMH. It seems as if when people try to do this whole ‘edgy’ and ‘sex appeal’ situation, they try to out do Rihanna and lawd knows shes already walking a thin line with it. Kiely should just be a Disney kid forever. LMAO.

  8. If what she saying is true then I feel bad for her. Where are her parents and why do she feels this will get her positive attention? Maybe from the opposite sex but that is temporary after he gets what he wants from her. Poor poor baby. I remember an interview with Naturi saying the group wanted her to be a “slutty one” as far as image because she was dark. I am glad she decided to stand her grounds and keep the values her parents taught her because now she may be on her way to becoming a respectable actress and not another washed up child star.

  9. Blacksista- I believe she is managed by her mother…These lyrics are inappropriate at any age.

  10. LMAO @ Lady….lol…i could not etha. Soon as the beat drop i turned it off……lol…

  11. The singer/songwriter ”Shanelle” from lil wayne’s ”young money” click wrote the lyrics to this song for her smh NEXT>>>>>

  12. wow! i guess she wont be on the Disney channel anymore! lol why does she feel the need to put herself out there like that? Dang girl!! Go to school or somethin…

  13. It’s so sad…this girl was on disney. now she’s another low self-esteem little girl.

  14. OH HELL NO. She should be ashamed of herself. How she gonna come out with a single like that. ‘I’m a hoe and I’ll hoe again’ is what she said. Too beautiful to be like that. It is a shame. I loved the Cheetah Girls movies. These artists needs to grow up and get mature and talk about mature issues. She just might be on Disney Channel again. Look at Vanessa Hudgens. Like the majority, couldn’t listen to the entire song. Sade, hurry up girl. Show em how its done. Sade album out next month.

  15. Someone should seriously whoop her STUPID A** for making a song thats damn near supportin rapist…molestors..and sex she crazy or just plain stupid as hell????? I SAY ALL THE VICTIMS OF SEX CRIMES…RAPE AND MOLESTATION SHOULD GANG UP AND BEAT HER STUPID A**. REAL TALK. dumb bish…

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