Kiely’s Spectacular Debut Video

Former 3LW member Kiely Williams is back with a new vamped up image to go along with her semi x-rated new single. The former teen idol totally switched things up with her “Spectacular” single, which was first leaked back in January. The single didn’t get much buzz but with the newly released video that all might just change. Directed by Ed DuRante, the video is as over the top as the song- featuring male nudity and Kiely doing things she probably wouldn’t want her mama or daddy to see.


  1. CORNY!!!!! :lol2: TERRIBLE!!!! :bag: She needs to come better than that…plain TACKY :noway:

  2. Was the video shot in the 90’s? The music is totally out of fashion. :bag:

  3. Sex sex sex… Women in the music industry are so desperate. Can you imagine if you take away all those “sexy” videos? I wonder who would still sell millions? nobody

  4. ^^^THIS!!! :hifive:

    Imagine taking away all the ‘electronics’. Not many would fair well at all. So much, SO MUCH is smoke and mirrors; more than ever before. Smoke’s coming though the speakers! (autotune) LOL

    This song is horrible and I didn’t even watch the video.

  5. This song is horrible. Maybe the next single will be better.

  6. she could have kept the concept and the song (they are alright) but that video LOOKED LIKE IT WAS FILMED IN SOMEONE’S BACKYARD. Girl you have to come better than that!!!

  7. I was in a murky mood before watching this. Thanks Kiely! I feel much better knowing there’s someone out there who’s got it way worse than I do. 😆

    If it weren’t for the fact that it’s the 6th, I would’ve sworn that this was an April fools joke.

    talk about a COMPLETE surprise!

    I know she could not WAIT for that Cheetah Girl contract to expire to pull this out the bag. Too bad that (cheetahgirl) was the biggest paychecks she’ll see in all her days. But CLEARLY it isnt about the money, instead just spectacular sex.

    Oh and obviously this music isnt for mainstream. Definitely something you’d see/listen to at a porn convention or even strip club.

    God bless her parents! 🙁

  9. complete utter trash! the song and vid horrible! who is controlling her image?? she can be sexy without looking and sounding trashy. Take notes from Beyonce, Rihanna, Alicia Keys. This video is not going to make it on the airwaves except late at night. What was she thinking?

  10. “i was face down, *** up…”
    OMGoodness! you are surely trying to change lanes from being aqua from cheetah girls….

  11. WTF? ok…
    @BRICCITY lol at your comment.Amen.
    @JUMPIN ummm there is no difference between what she is doing and what Beyonce and Rihanna do. AK. she is on another note.

  12. this song and video is a hot damn mess,and she looks like a drug-addicted whore. It will not see the light of day on any video channel. I have no idea what she ws thinking. SMDH…she is a fool for this

  13. Wow…even with the title “spectacular sex”…she could have had a hit…dance club music, the lyrics, a bad choice…it’s like she made this music for street walkers…or like someone said…a porn convention…she wants in and bad…this is a song some unknown, bet ater dark videos, wanna be artist would do…she’s been in the business too long to think this is going to catapult her into solo superstar status…this cut to the chase, I want to be seen and rise up the charts, low-lifed shock theater won’t do it…she looks like a young working girl, no direction, no value who was abused as a child…I have a family member who she reminds me of, sleeping around, getting thrown out of cars, pistol whipped, gang raped, call herself in the adult entertainment business, but she’s lazy, a smart girl, talented, currently a tragedy, but I bet she loves this song…

  14. Okay, I thought the Cheetah Girls were corny, but yet they were wholesome and my daughter could at least watch their movies. But this MESS?!?! Did Miss Aqua always have this WH*RE side in her, or was she talked into it thinking this might be her big comeback? After seeing this video and hearing the song, I am waiting on the headlines saying she is headlining a porno.

  15. @ tutu

    girl bye, beyonce and rihanna don’t do no trash like this. and u alicia stans kill me acting like she is so innocent when everyone knows she’s not.

    this girl is even below cassie’s standards right now. WTF? she need to go back to 3lw or cheetah girls

  16. :stop: WTH was that? I feel really sad that this is the way she went. I could not even watch it all the way through, and dude was not that cute! hahaha

  17. She just killed any chances of having a career with this ish, complete whore! I mean, just a hoe-ass trashy song and video. Yeah, it was like she was makin a prostitute national anthem Complete trash.

  18. Just simply & horrible.
    Whack Beat.
    Whack Dancing.
    Whack Vocals.

    Horrible Lyrics and Horrible concept for a song. :noway:

  19. Sorry, meant to say just simply horrible. :noway:

  20. Tutu@JUMPIN ” ummm there is no difference between what she is doing and what Beyonce and Rihanna do. AK. she is on another note.”

    Agreed just because they never actually said The exact words does not mean they aren’t as trashy, As usual I will not be Buying anything of this nature, But good luck

  21. WTH??? What was she thinking? Better yet, was her production team thinking? This is sad!

  22. She was in the group 3LW before Cheetah Girls acting all grown when she was a kid. She always had this side.

  23. wtf!!
    the song is over the top..the video… LOOKS LIKE SOMEONE FILMED IT ON THEIR PHONE!! WTF?!?!

    cheap AS! dang!! n shes trying way to hard!

  24. She would have done better by trying to make this a radio hit. I am sure there is an audience out there for the concept of the song (just to get people talking–like who is that have you heard that song). If she had to make a video she should have done better by having an attress play her role in the club while she just dance without the butt-cheeks showing. She has a cute face and I am digging the vamp-look. This would’ve been a hit if she was a little more sexy rather than skanky, trashy, dirty, and slutty. Like someone said she is really no different from the other girls out there the only difference is they’ve already made it and she is trying to make it.

  25. After watching this video a second time. I think… and this is just speculation. Kiely is telling the story of girls who live this destructive life. Its gritty, hard, and honest. I dont think it was meant to be glamorous this is the lifestyle people dont talk about–its ugly and cheap. I dont know. For her to be this “out there” there must be deeper message she is trying to portray. After listening to the lyrics anyone with sense know that its destructive way to live. For girls who live this way, these are the thoughts they may experience during and after the “situation”. This song is controversial a big “?”. I hope it was not all for nothing, and there is actually meaning behind the material. If not, she is no different from everyone else in the game that I have grown to disapprove of.

  26. WOW! long gone are the days of the ” The Cheetah Girls”!! I used to watch them and be like they are so respectful of themselves……SKKKKKKKIIIIRRRRTTT! Not anymore! Yes she is a slut by the looks of this video and the lyrics!!! I am ashamed for her. Yea, when ppl see this video…she will prolly get some buzz for a little while, but I don’t think her career is going to last long!! This was complete filth!!!

  27. I have been cracking up at this since I saw it yesterday, I wasn’t expecting it to go in that direction, I didn’t think that was her style. But truth be told the song fits the video. This is like a modern day Adina Howard song for those who may remember her ‘Freak Like Me’. She put sex out there and made the videos to match and had her time in the spotlight, obviously didn’t last long. There is someone who makes songs like these in every decade, well several anymore. Rappers male and female have always talked liked this and still do. Oh well I hope she gets what she wants.

  28. @ Blacksista

    I agree, I hope there is a deeper message behind this and she is telling the story.

  29. Hmmmm…all the SEX up in this wack video and people are furious about Erykah Badu’s window seat video. :stop:

  30. I said it on youtube, I’ll say it here: unoriginal, and she whored herself out.

  31. -and nobody can argue that this isn’t a hellified message for young girls to hear… She looked like a straight hooker, and the behavior endorsed is totally irresponsible!

  32. So she’s trash for making this video. What about Usher, D’Angelo, Trey Songz, 50 Cent, etc.? Are they trash too?

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