Kierra “KiKi” Sheard Is The New Face Of Gospel

Kiki Kierra “KiKi” Sheard is ready for her close up… again.

The 19-year-old daughter of gospel pioneer Karen Clark Sheard released her sophomore opus, ‘This Is Me,’ this week.

“It’s much more of myself behind the scenes, and just being involved,” the Detroit native told Black Voices of the new project, which follows her chart-topping debut ‘I Owe You.’

“It shows my maturity, me growing spiritually and naturally,” she added.

“It’s real personal because of my life experiences and my testimonies and I think more people can relate to this album than the last one.”

Sheard, who celebrated her birthday last week, has been wowing gospel audiences for the past decade, touring with and appearing on albums by her mother — one of the founding members of the iconic gospel group The Clark Sisters.

At nine, she appeared on her mother’s solo debut alum, ‘Finally Karen,’ in a live tour-de-force of the gospel standard “Will of God.” For her contribution, she was awarded a prestigious Stellar Award
“I was nervous but I wasn’t nervous like I get today,” she said about the career-defining experience.

“I was young and my mind was elsewhere. I wasn’t thinking ‘I have to get up here and minister’ or ‘What if I make a mess-up, or what if I don’t hit the right note.’

“Where as now, I think and look at everything because I am this young adult and it’s much more behind just getting up there and sing.”

Sheard, now considered one of the most beloved voices of gospel’s new generation, which includes acts like Ty Tribett, Israel & New Breed and Mary Mary, also revealed that she constantly feels pressure of being compared to her mother and her siblings –who are credited with helping gospel cross over with the 1983 radio hit “You Brought The Sunshine (Into My Life).”

“[Some consumers and listeners] expect me to do a lot of what they can do but a lot of people –and I don’t want to sound snobby– may not know that I have my own uniqueness to my gift that God has given me,” she added.

Courtesy: blackvoices.
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