Kim Porter Gets Her Own Reality Show

Variety online has announced that Kim Porter, former girlfriend to Diddy and mother to 3 of his 5 children, is getting her own reality TV show. The Lifetime cable channel, whose programming primarily targets women, is set to start filming on the as yet untitled venture, this fall. Kim, who has dabbled in both modeling and acting in the past, reportedly moved to California after her her most recent breakup with Diddy, to once again pursue opportunities in those two fields. I’m not sure how extensive Kim’s modeling career was as I have never actually seen her work. However, her acting has been showcased in quite a few films, including 2001’s The Brothers, which starred Gabrielle Union, Tamala Jones, Tatyana Ali and Morris Chestnut.

Next up for Kim on the acting front is a co-starring role in Ciara’s new film, Mama I Want To Sing.

I suspect Kim is finally looking to break out of Diddy’s shadow and a new reality show and movie may be just what she thinks will do the trick.


  1. I’m so ovvver these so-called reality shows. Why is she getting a show, all she’s known for is being Diddy’s fool so why bother?

  2. Cosign BadGirl23. Took the words right outta my mouth. Haha no one cares. Why do Z-List celebs feel the need to showcase their lives? All they do is act silly, waste time shopping, sitting around….

  3. Why???? Let’s check out the life of a woman who gets cheated on multiple times by her man and takes him back every time. Don’t think that I will be watching this.

  4. Kim Kardashian got a reality show and her audience is comprised of mostly Black women. What is Kim known for? Sleeping with any Black man in Hollywood who has a pulse and putting out a sex tape of her getting done in the butt. Why does Deion Sanders wife get a show and no one even knows her? Kim Porter gets a show because she gets people to talking whether it is good or bad you best believe people are going to tune in to see her. She is as deserving of a show as the next d list celebrity who gets one.

  5. I Agree with sari
    Black women always support either the white girl or the closest thing to it
    Yall need to stop For real if you won’t tune it and watch it that’s your problem
    I wanna get to know this mysterious woman that have been put trough so much in the hand of an immature man
    and still walk with her head high
    Haters fall back

  6. Another black stereotype getting her own reality TV show. If they ain’t loud and obnoxious, they’re baby-mamas. GREAT!

  7. I can’t stand reality shows. They are down right degrading and borderline desperation for celebrities who want to remain in the spotlight and a way for everyday people to get a quick 15-minutes of fame. Thank God for TV Land.

  8. i agree with sari. at least kim porter was a model kim k. was in a sex tape and got a reality show. now i won’t watch, because i agree what does she have to talk about. but i don’t watch a lot of tv in general because a lot of it is boring, not funny or down right disgusting.

  9. Honestly, I might check the show out… But I don’t care.

  10. I won’t be watching,

    I just can’t get into the whole reality thing, I grew up in the era of real television and it’s hard for me to get into realality shows..I watch small clips of some show just to see what they’re about and in all honesty it’s not realality t.v. because most of the shows are fake and scripted..I find it kind of boring watching people in every day life do every day things…I tried watching Deon and Pilar and could not stomach more than 2 or 3 episodes, the only thing that got my attention the was the fabulous house, but outside of that the show was boring & predictable..Watching rich people pretend to have problems is such a joke to me.

  11. Now why does she deserve so much support by Eryka Badu does not. And why has no one said anything about Sean Combs and all of his illigitimite children. It’s all wrong, but, why did everyone jump all over her and not him and the rest of the men out here that have all of these children out of wedlock.

  12. I would watch it! I watch those damn Kardashians, George Foreman, Rev Run and Deion Sanders os why not Kim! I watch that trainwreck being Bobby Brown so Kim P can’t be that bad.

    Do you Kim!

  13. @bria

    YEah Erykah had the right to go ballistic on people about what she does with her body. I ain’t mad at her, Kim or Diddy as long as they take care of their childre everything is cool!

  14. I know I’ll be watching, I dont know about the rest of you but I like seeing what goes on inthe lives of others! I dont mind a little drama every now and then, as long as its not mine I’m fine…. so count me in! lol

  15. My addiction to reality shows won’t allow me to sit here and lie and say I won’t watch, but my tv schedule is so full now I have to watch some on the web. I used to be mad at my mother, aunts, baby sitters for watching soap operas when I was little. Now I now what they mean when they used to say -“My show is on.” I don’t know when It starts, but right now it can’t conflict with Gs to Gents, Queen Bees, Reality Tv Bites Back, or the new season of Celebrity Rehab.

  16. Congrats to Kim, but I won’t be watching. Reality shows, no matter how addictive (and trust I’ve been addicted) will be the ruin-ation of good TV. Thank God for HBO and Showtime.

  17. This reality TV is for the dogs. The only reality TV show that I enjoyed watching was The Real World on MTV before it became trashy and skanky. The only celebrity reality show that I enjoy is Dancing With The Stars. The rest is garbage.

    So glad that I grew up in a generation where classic TV shows were born.

  18. Mo’star…don’t forget Bridezillas!!! That show is off the chain

  19. Who say’s that the majority of Kim K’s audience is black??? Where are the stats, cause if you ask me the nielson ratings are NOT in black households cause if they were 90% of these so called #1 shows in the country wouldn’t be on TV.
    And Deion’s wife didn’t get her own show DEION is the reason for the show, it’s supposed to be about his life after football, wife, kids blah blah blah

    Support her, please I think Diddy is already doing a fine job of that.

    But I guess she needs something to do so it’s a job for her, cool! I just can’t believe Lifetime is going to air it. They’re ratings must be low.

  20. I don’t have cable but I support her career endeavors. She’s a black woman with her own show, why not support it/ We don’t know how her show will be formatted. It could be about Kim raising her kids, auditions, her events planning business.

    yeah, she may bring in Puffy for ratings, but that’s to be expected. He’s a big part of her life, so why hate?

    We are judging this woman before the show begins, yet for some reason support Kim Kardashian. This is sad, because Kim Porter is a black woman, who needs our support.

    I would love to hear or see Kim Porter going out on dates , even starting a relationship with a new man.

  21. I am happy for Kim….even if to the world she looked dumb, but that girl was in LOVE. Not only with Mr. Combs but also the lights and attention. Now it is her time to shine!!

  22. I watched Kim K only once….that show was horrible and she just look so nasty to me

  23. who cares if other chicks have one? does that mean we should be part of this trashfest just because others did it too?

    who cares if she’s black? are we supposed to support trash tv just because the person is black?

    we’re so not supposed to “judge” people especially black folks, can’t call them out on their crap cause that makes you “hollier than thou”…..but look at the state of the community. you don’t see asians, indians, jews trying to ridicule themselves the way we do just because that’s what’s “in”.

    i have nothing but love for kim but let’s be honest, we KNOW why hollywood is interested in her, and it’s certainly not because of her “professional accomplishments”.

    we’re being bamboozled once again, and we accept this in the name of the almighty dollar.

    again, GREAT!

  24. Sad how this sister life has turned out… Just known as thy baby mama when it comes to p-diddy… Wish more women would take pride in self… As for the reality show, most likely it will be boring unless P-diddy makes a few appearances…



  26. Not all reality shows are bad. There really is nothing that we can do about it since reality shows seem to be the new “in” thing now. Right now with the shows that come on I would rather watch reality shows, but I cannot get into all of them. I will watch Run’s House and I justed started watching baldwins Hills (even though it is quite aggravating because I don’t know anyone who acts the way they do)

    Sometimes you need a good laugh even if it is on someone else’s expense. For the person who said they didn’t want to watch rich people act like they ahve problems. Mo’ money Mo’ problems. Having money does not mean all of your concerns go away. Money does not guarantee love or happiness. I think they need to do a reality show to let people see how even though they have all of this money they still have relationship problems just like the next person.

  27. Yeah what did Kim model in? Doesn’t she get enough in child support from Diddy…I see this ending in disaster…why would u put your life on blast unless u needed the money, which she doesn’t

  28. I have four words about this so called reality show. Why and who cares?

  29. I will not be tuning in. My reality TV phase came and went. I won’t be watching Pamela Anderson’s show either…so it’s not a black/white thing. I’m just not interested in reality TV shows anymore.

  30. I think it is awesome that Kim Porter will have a reality show. I mean this is a strong black woman standing tall with grace and intelligence. Kim – you are a beautiful and patient woman deserving of this opportunity – make the most of it and enjoy life and all that it has for you!!!

  31. “Tami”, tall, yes, intelligent, I dont think so, patient(oh just hope shes as patient with her children rather then continuously standing by a man who cheats, lies and disrespects her in the public eye. This woman has THROwn black young woman back 300 yrs. Having babies for profit and fame, shes actually pretty embarassing and everytime she does an interview sounds bitter and stupid, talking about, “how JLo gonna look taking care of Puffy’s brown children.” Whats wrong with this chick???!!! Intelligent, are you kidding? And, “When Puffy was with JLo he called me everyday.” She seems nothing more then hungry for those “flashing lights”, oh and last but not least another famed quote of Kim Porter’s. “My mom always told me, if no one is talking about you then you must not be important.”….what the F**09 ! The more I recall of her wasting my time reading those mindless interview, I found myself trying to give her the benefit of the doubt and came to the conclusion that this chick rode with Puffy for reasons that she knows, for that fame, glitter and spotlight….shes a skeeza, and now known as a “baby-momma” ….way to go! Yeah, real smart, classy even(What?!)

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