Kim Porter & Twins Join Diddy For His Big Moment

Sean “Diddy” Combs got his star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame today and was joined by Kim Porter and their beautiful twins, Jessie James and D’Lila Star. Diddy’s mom Janice Combs as well as his two older sons and stepson were also in attendance- but clearly is was those beautiful twins who stole the show. They look just like their daddy.


  1. They are growing up to be two lovely little girls. Kim is pretty as well.

  2. I am glad he decided to share that moment with his children. The family is beautiful. He could have opted to put on a shiny suit and get his shine on with his rapper homies but he chose to let real love shine. I am proud of him, it shows maturity. He is definately on his “grown man”. Kim is so pretty. I love her hair.

  3. lord, please help this woman to stop being diddy’s fall back plan. and be his number one or nothing at all. if not for herself than at least for the kids.

  4. Gorgeous family! Gorgeous twins! Diddy….you’ll do. =)

  5. Please people lets enjoy this moment with this beautiful black family, and leave the flaws and fall back plans for another time. Maybe they like what goes on between them, cause they keep going back to each other! He’s a smart man, I’m pretty sure he knows what he’s doing if she keeps getting knocked up by him! seriously….

  6. Diddy, you make some beautiful children. Congratulations on your star. I can’t wait to see it with the thousands of others when I go back to LA. You and Kim make a beautiful couple. Why don’t you just do the damn thing and marry your SOULMATE!

  7. Diddy won’t marry her because he is not ready to grow up and stop cheating. Remember, he had another child just a year or two ago by an Atlanta woman, Sarah Chapman.

  8. Diddy is actually pretty good as an actor. I have nothing but well wishes for him and his acting career. Kim is such a classy and attractive woman. All of the kids are simply beautiful – I’m loving those cute little girls in their white dresses! Whatever their relationship status may be, they have proven to put their children first. Kudos to them on that.

  9. I remember Danity Kane and Day 26 asked him of all the relationships, who did he love the most and he did say Kim. He said she is someone who will always have his heart.

  10. Luv that group photo. Do yall see how lil’ cytie hs her arm around daddy…. aww!

    Diddy can’t be all that bad, he inlcudes Kim’s oldest son in everything, treats him like his own. He always says he has six kids.

  11. The twins are adorable.

    Why does kim let him use her for a publicity prop?

    He is very successful but his manwhore attitude overshadows it..

  12. Sorry, but I can’t stand diddy, his arrogant attitude completely turns me off, unfortunately this star he recieved will only make his ego bigger….And Kim is a lost cause she’s has proven to all the other jump offs that she is the main chick and she isn’t going any where no matter how many outside children diddy makes.

    But on a more positive note that is a nice family picture, the children look cute.

  13. Well he has one “outside” child. I use quotes since they aren’t maried.

    She has a son whom he has accepted total financial responsibility for and has given him a life he would never otherwise have. I wouldn’t choose to live my life like Kim does, but I’m baffled at the amount of bashing she takes.

    Not to get all serious here but, with 70% of black children being born out of wedlock, Kim’s situation isn’t really all that unique. She’s just in the spotlight. And most of that 70% doesn’t even get child support, financial or otherwise.

  14. Kim Porter is an ugly woman.But on a more positive tip, nice family photo.

  15. I’m proud of Diddy but do we really care about his retarded twisted relationship with Kim, I mean not really! They’re going to always be in and out of the relationship and continue to have kids together through out being with others. And first the little girls are cute but they’re not like gorgeous so you guys PLEASE stop raving about the girls!!!!!!!!!!

  16. And first the little girls are cute but they’re not like gorgeous so you guys PLEASE stop raving about the girls!!!!!!!!!!
    I agree with you on that one Lavette!

  17. F— That!! I’ll have Papa Diddy-pop’s baby too! Kim’s a fool, but at least she’s getting PAID!! $$$$$$$$$$$

  18. No. 1 – Photo Op – Me thinks Kim pushed herself into this event.
    No. 2 – Who know if she’s “gettin paid”?
    No. 3 – Diddy cannot act.
    No. 4 – Those twins don’t look like diddy, (Thank God)

  19. @ Lavette and Stefany,
    Would the girls have been cuter if they were half-white? Or lets go for a more exotic look say… half-filipino? If those girls grow up to look like Kim, they are going to be knock outs! I only hope they are smarter but the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree does it?

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