Miss Kelly’s ‘Kisses Down Low’ Video


Singer Kelly Rowland has just unveiled the cute and colorful video for her new single ‘Kisses Down Low.’ The track is the second to be taken from her upcoming ‘Talk A Good Game’ album, due out later this year.

Check out the Collin Tilley directed visual below and let us know what you think.


  1. I think the fun nature of the video plays down the sexiness of the song. Smart move by Kelly. love the look and feel of the video.

  2. Love it!! She is adorable.It’s not too sexy but it’s still hot. And it’s fun.

  3. Such a fun video. Love it. Kelly is really coming into her own as an artist. You can see her confidence grow with each new album.

  4. Excellent song and video for Ms. Kelly !! This will get her out of Beyonce’s shadow. Cheers Ms. Kelly !!!

  5. cute but that is all! i so wish Kelly would take her career more serious instead of putting out these hood anthems and hooks on every rapper’s song. This is why she is still on the same level for the last 10 years. yeah her body is sic but that’s all you can say, you cant say nothing about her music but it is all the same. she need to go back to the drawing board and “find” herself and create something that represent who she is, and stop trying to be oversexed, hello it not working, Kelly!! i am not a big fan of Kelly but i do feel she is talented,when i see her perform or a video i’m always looking for the other girls because she always appear to me as a group act that cant stand on her own.

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